I want to learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. Where can I start?

artificial intelligence machine learning

One of the most up and coming fields in technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning gives you a chance to turn your life around. While it is best if you could get a master’s degree in this field, this field isn’t limited to educational institutions and can be self-taught through various online courses and tutorials. The question many people who want to pursue this field have is where to start.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

Even though it is a very new technological area Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is vast in its application. You need to decide which part of it you are interested in the study in that direction. But before that it is necessary to have a little knowledge of computer sciences.

It is best if you start by learning Python Programming (Python basics, Numpy, Pandas), statistics, EDA, and then move on to machine learning. You can learn through online courses that would either be project-based or theoretical in nature. The project-based online courses that can be found on corsera.com by “are some of the best you can get online. There are basic four steps to follow if you want to learn AI and ML technology on your own.

  • Get started with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

The first thing to do is get started. Gather as much information you can about the field, all theoretical information you can get by a simple Google search on what is AI and ML. have at least the foundational information before selecting a course of your choice online. From the variety of courses online we recommend the following:

    1. Learn with Google AI
    2. Google machine learning
    3. Stanford University Machine Learning (Coursera.com)
    4. Columbia University Machine Learning.

All of these courses are taught by esteemed professors in the field and are quite basic and easy to understand. We would recommend doing at least two of these courses so that you can get a definite idea about the various areas of information this field has to offer.

  • Plan a curriculum

If you wish to learn through various tutorials available online, it is extremely important to have a direction to go, or you will be lost with the amount of information you get through these tutorials. The best way to go is to select a person of choice for the tutorials and watch all their videos on the topic in order. Most times, the videos posted are lecture-based and cover a section at a time of AI and ML.

Another way to go is to plan a curriculum individually and watch multiple tutorials of various persons on a single topic. This method is more detail-oriented in its approach and can be beneficial too.

  • Share your journey:

Online learning has a very high dropout rate. It is necessary to stick to your course and see it to completion. The best way to do that is to share your journey with others online. Writing a blog about the information you learn is the best way to go forward. This way, you can help yourself while simultaneously contributing to the community.

Moreover, you can refer to blogs written by students and professionals for details on specific topics. Communicate to others in this field online so that you can grow and widen your horizons.

  • Get a project (job):

The best way to learn is by doing. After completing the courses, dive headfirst into technology. Do internships and take projects that will take you farther into AI and ML. Through working in the chosen field, you will get the practical experience of problem-solving and help you decide if you wish to move towards research.

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