Should Technology Be More Incorporated in Education?

Photo by Kelly Sikkema
Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Regardless of we want it or not, technology has spread around the world and jumped into every corner of our lives. People became so addicted to it that some even take their mobile phones to the bathroom.

Apart from that, we must admit that technology certainly has helped us a lot. If you do not agree, we challenge you to imagine your life without a washing machine, vacuum cleaner or an elevator.

Technology has also created a lot of jobs for the ones who are into the IT sector. And, let’s be honest, if there were no companies like IT support Perth to assist us in the hour of need, what would happen to our laptops when we click on something we weren’t supposed to?

However, when it comes to our children, we want them as far as possible from computers and smartphones. With the idea that they only use it for chatting or playing games during boring lectures, some schools prohibited bringing mobile phones to classes.

But why wouldn’t we look at things from a different perspective and use technology to our advantage?

School Computers

Let’s start with the good old computer. For a start, the use of a computer significantly helps in improving one’s typing skills. After all, whichever job you get, computer literacy and knowledge about the basic programs is a must.

Starting with teachers, they can use a computer connected to a projector to play an educational video, movie or presentation with the key parts of a lesson. Moreover, a scenario where every student has their own electronic device can be even more useful. In that case, a teacher can upload a lesson guide, and students can download it and follow along.

Another idea is that a school creates a website that will be used for educational purposes. Nowadays, there are many available programs that offer learning material, monitor students’ progress and allow them to submit homework online. Since the platform will be available to every student, there will be no need for so many copies of the papers which will, later on, be thrown away.

Personal or School Tablets

Due to constant technological improvements, many people prefer tablets instead of laptops or computers. They are smaller, thinner, can be taken anywhere and get charged easily. It is true that not every school can afford to buy a tablet for every student, but there are some that can, and the benefits are numerous. Another option is that students bring their own tablets if they have one.

The good thing about tablets is that you can download applications that can be used in a classroom. For each school subject, you can find several apps that support interactive learning in an interesting way.

They range from the simplest to the most complicated thing such as the 3D Brain app that allows you to have a look into more than 20 structures of the human brain. You can zoom and rotate using the touch screen, and by selecting a specific structure, the information pops up regarding the consequences in case of an injury.

Why Is a Smartboard Better Than the Regular Board?

The latest invention that should help schools both educationally and financially is definitely a smartboard. These boards are a great improvement in every sense. They are interactive and can be connected to any other device such as a classroom computer, tablet or phone.

Smartboards don’t require high maintenance and are environmentally friendly. They don’t use chalk or marker pens, so they will not get used up fast. With all their features, it is easy to transform a standard classroom into a fun environment suitable for easier learning.

Out of School Education

Although school is our primary thought when we think of education, it doesn’t necessarily have to be so. For the ones who are willing to learn, the information is available everywhere, and here technology can help as well.

What was once the library today is Google. Do not get me wrong, the books are an amazing thing and should not be forgotten. However, books can only provide you with the theoretical part, and we all know that practice is what matters most.

A good example is language learning. You can learn the words and the grammar rules, but if you don’t practice with someone who actually speaks the language, there will be little or no success.

For this purpose, people designed many apps and online platforms. There you can get it all. There is a material suitable for your level, and also a teacher to practice with you.

This is only one example and, as we have mentioned above, this can be applied to any area of your interest. All you need is a will and of course, technology!

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