Kites at Kaup – A Photo Feature

It was four pm, the sun had glared down upon the Sunday morn for the entire day; and was now seeking lands further away to parch.

Six friends on three bikes, set out to have an evening of fun.

The wind rushed through their hair and the long never ending roads, lead them to their destination. A small detour at Udupi, four kites, spirits which rose higher …

The Map to Kaup
This is where Kaup is located 🙂

 Finally upon reaching there… The Kite-Flying began, with all it’s might

Flying Kites in Kaup

The kites rose higher, aiming for the setting sun…

Kaup Beach Kite Flying

Oh! Camel rides were an option here too…

Camel Riding at Kaup Beach

 The magnificent sea, served as a calm backdrop for the fluttering gleeful resplendence…

Kite Flying at Kaup Beach

 And then the sun sank into the seas, gifting the waves with a golden sheen…

Sunset at Kaup

 The moon arose, in all it’s regal splendor…

Kite Against the Moon at Kaup Beach

All Photos Courtesy:  Karimulla Naik of Zynga

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