Is the Manipal Spirit Dying?

Manipal is Dying - Pay Homage
KC Gates to close at 9:30 PM n Hostel gates at 10 PM for all students!!!
Manipal is dying - pay homage
Kc Gates To Close At 9:30 Pm N Hostel Gates At 10 Pm For All Students!!!

Rumors abound in the MIT campus about a new set of rules to be implemented from next week. apparentely, the newly installed,

Kamath Circle (KC) gates will be closed at 9:30 PM and the hostels will shut down for entry at 10 PM for all the residents. There is already a hue and cry in various social networking sites about this and pages dedicated to the “Manipal Spirit” (no pun intended)  have come up.

I believe that college hostel curfews are useless and contradictory restrictions! College is an institution meant for learning and the integration of young adults in to the adult world. The policies of a college and its administration should show this, for that matter, the Law doesn’t allow for such strange curfews, which prevents an adult from doing what he wants to do.

The college hostel/campus curfew is, to put it bluntly, useless and contradictory for some obvious reason. First, older teenagers ranging from 18-21 are, in effect, adults, even if they do not always behave in such a way.  Treating them like children will do no good and incite protestation and/or rebellion. Although their behavior is questionable and out-of-control much of the time, these young adults will, in fact, conduct their lives as they wish to do so. That’s the way it should be. Only in that way can they make their mistakes and learn about responsibility.

Another problem with college dorm curfews, adults, especially older adults, conduct their own affairs, and if they wish to stay out all night or as late as they want, that is their prerogative. They should not have to be locked out and denied access to their paid room. That’s ludicrous!

Colleges are adult institutions, and the placement of such restrictions on the adults as if they were adolescents (minors) or children goes against the college’s intended purpose, which is to prepare young adults for the real world. If young adults are treated like children, they cannot and will not gain that oh-so crucial sense of independence and responsibility that they needed to survive in the real world.

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  1. I totally agree with the posting, I was a Manipal Alumni 95-99, and it is sad to see that they want to lock down hostels at nigth

  2. I miss dose days days wen v cud go for a walk even at 1 at nght..wen v cud eat at nght canteens even at 2 am..wen v cud order food at even 3 am.. I miss dose days wen I was LIVING. I miss my real MIT.

  3. This is just basically another continuation of useless rules that I put up in my report on Manipal a while back. These are jail rules.  I recall Vishal mentioned something about rules after 12.  Sorry to say this but Indian Universities / Colleges and mostly even home life don’t exactly prepare a person for the real world at all.  I’ve seen both sides to compare.  For some reason they feel that tying weights arounds a kids feet will make him a better person.  Sorry doesn’t work that way.  

    Students are treated like teenagers all the time.  Be it by the professors or by the officials.  Exactly as you said ludicrous.  It’s the kids prerogative. If they want to study let them, if they don’t let life teach them a lesson or two.  Then again considering the hostel residents are “Inmates” in the official transcripts anyway why the surprise on jail rules here.

    • Unfortunately these rules dont even treat us like teenagers (which some of us were when we joined college), rather they are treating us like people begging them for accommodation, jail inmates, criminals or people with mental issues

      Or maybe they just think we are 8 years old

  4. Very correct. Unless we’re allowed to live as adults, adult maturity will not come about.
    Also the fact, that I should be legally allowed to enter the room I’ve paid for.
    But I think this problem involves another parameter. Parents.
    The college cannot give the degree of freedom required to students when their own parents don’t give them the same. You’ll find innumerable instances of people whose parents have not the slightest clue that they drink and return hostel late at night. Because when at home, such a thing is unimaginable for them.
    Hence unless the parents blame their children for their troubles, or blame their upbringing, and not the college/hostel authorities for not being strict enough, a complete solution to the problem appears difficult.

    • Colleges aren’t designated “parents” or “guardians” having the authority to initiate parental discipline.

      In the end, adults have rights afforded to them because they are adults,
      and restricting or denying those rights becomes an extremely confusing
      situation to those who are expected to be deemed as adults.

  5. Agreed. Apparently, they’re going to start checking on students who are living in outside apartments as well. That is actually illegal. 

  6. How much longer before they make all students wear GPS ankle bracelets to track all their movements, and make sure they do go to unapproved resturants, or step out of their rooms after 6PM?

    And, how long before we hap a Lights out time of 7PM, a loudspeaker in each hostel to wake people up at 6AM, and MIT regulating each morsel of food in and out of our bodies?

      • Even in USA, I believe they were suspected ilegal immigrants, and some of them actually turned out to be.

        But, even then the bracelets were for tracking only, not restriction

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