Is it your Birthday today? Your Horoscope for this year…..


A friendly skeleton, a grumpy ex-lover, and a prime minister who completely listens to his madam, are your double bonus points things to look for on the road during your next long journey that you and the family take, this year.

This year’s workout tips include bending your knees, correctly applying hand wraps and eating masala dosa’s backwards while blindfolded.

You will come up with the funniest punch line to the joke: ‘An engineer, a light bulb and Manmohan Singh walk into a bar’ of all the star signs in the 7th month of thus year.

Don’t blame it on the good times, the night time or even the boogie until the 7th of next month.

Your destiny is starting to compute.

 (Of course we assume that you already know this is just a satirical take and we attempt to be equally offensive to everyone )

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