Web Designer receives death threats after swindling premier blog

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In a shocking string of recent events, here in Manipal, a Web Designer allegedly received death threats from anonymous sources, and as it goes without saying, he is now scared shitless. On a face to face, B.B. Ruch Vardha gets candid about the story behind the queer phone calls, and the weird letters on his doorstep. While we, at ManipalBlog were willing to voice his laments, we only find it ironical that his confidants and sitting ducks are the same people.

It all started when an ambitious blog in Manipal was flabbergasted by Govind Tiwary and his claim to fame. They were arduously looking for a web designer who could convert platforms for them and would design templates for them. But little did they know that he hardly knew any language other than colloquial Double Dutch, let alone JQuery and couldn’t make a little progress after a few DOS commands.
But hey, once they found that it was he who was instrumental in the development of sites such as Govind Tiwary’s, they were more than pleased to hire him, come what may.

All went well, until one day the designer asks for the entire money to be wired to him immediately. “Something smells fishy here, God help me!” the Administrator of the blog was found screaming in the night. “Dude, seriously? Imma just be the Pmfret masala from next door” was apparently what God had to say ( we got that from his Twitter logs). However, the next thing we know about our designer is that he was found in the middle of a wildlife expedition, somewhere in the interiors of Mozambique.

Ever since, he has been receiving death threats from various sources, including threats of deleting Pokemon episodes from his laptop, which he found most offensive. So much so, that he decided to go public about it, and is steadfast on taking down the offenders. While our job at MB ends with sipping Double chaai, while typing out stuff on an ION connection (take that, strenuosity) , we can only hope that B.B. Ruch Vardha gets justice, by hook or crook.

P.S : All facts in this article are made up, and the double chaai had no effect on the Author of this post. But you already knew that, din’t you?

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