Influence of Korean Beauty and Diet Trends

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The wave of Korean Culture is becoming globally popular. Korean wave or Hallyu is unfurling of South Korean Pop culture. K-Pop or K-music is influencing everyone, and the rest of the world is obsessing over the Korean Dramas. There are many popular Korean Dramas, some of them are Netflix Originals, which are enjoyed by the audience (mostly female). Celebrities in these dramas are positively endorsing the Korean cosmetic products and thus impacting the industry.  

K-Pop and Korean Beauty Industry

The cosmetic industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, where France and Japan were the players in the market. The demand for Korean products is leading to a crucial shift in the beauty market. Korean Beauty (K-Beauty) is bringing in innovations and quality in the cosmetic market. In South Korea, beauty and appearance are very significant in their culture. For enhancing the facial features and flawless skin, there are experiments in technology is increasing. The Korean cosmetic and skincare industry is huge, competitive, and fragmented. The brands keep doing market research and coming up with new products or technology to set the bar.

The products based on rice seed oil, face sheets, BB creams are in the Korean Market for decades and recently introduced in the western cosmetic market. The K-Beauty has become a mantra for many popular beauty influencers. Another range of skincare products that are gaining demands is anti-aging, skin brightening, and sun protection. 

Cosmeceuticals Products are highly popular across the world. Korean beauty products promise to provide a therapeutic experience with the usage of traditional ingredients. The features of cosmeceutical products are moisturizing, skin treatment with scars and acne, antioxidants, etc. These products have medicinal value, and K-Beauty products include various medicinal herbs, extracts, and snail slime. 

The K-Beauty has not only impacted the women but also there is a wide range of products for men. To maintain beauty standards in South Korea, men in the country take various beauty treatments along with the usage of products like moisturizer, hair gels, face sheets, toners, lip balm, and whatnot. Many Korean male celebrities emulate their looks to gain popularity amongst the female audience (well, we know it is working, wink, wink).  

Korean Diet and Beauty Trends
Graphic by Gourishankar R

Korean Diet or K-Diet

Another quotient in demand is the Korean Diet (K-Diet), which includes intermittent fasting and recipes, which have a range of veggies, meat, fishes, and herbs. People are getting more intrigued by the diet by their favorite K-Pop stars and K-drama celebrities. The Korean girls eat a lot and are still thin, which makes audiences curious; there is a very famous Mukbang challenge, where girls eat a lot and are still slim. The dishes include a lot of veggies and the food they eat has less use of oil.

In Korea, people tend to eat more soup, stew, fermented food like kimchi, kimchi jjigae, doenjang, and jeotgal, etc. The love for Tofu is seen in every other dish, whether in the stew or the salad. The usual meal consists of meat and fishes, which is high in protein. The sweet consumption is in moderation, and they prefer home-cooked food instead of eating Junk.

K-Diet is gaining hit in the world because of the multiple benefits of the diet. The Korean diet is incredible if you wish to lose weight and maintain health. In traditional Korean food, we can find heavy use of vegetables and fruits, whereas less use of sugar. The rice is a stapled part of the diet besides fermented items. The regular usage of soy items plus the minimization of processed items makes the diet healthier. Physical activity in Korea is prominent as they prefer walking all the places, and some other exercises are a significant part of the authentic lifestyle.      

Korean beauty is nevertheless impacting the market widely outside their country. With their expertise in the field of beauty and experimentation of new technology to enhance the quality every day, soon South Korea will be competing with other paramount countries in the industry. The Korean celebrities are the major influencers of cosmetic as well as K-Diet products in the market.

The Korean Beauty products have influenced the western market massively and competitors have tightened their belts to provide quality products in the market at drug store prices. The Korean Diet is another sector that is gaining the interest of people in the era where fitness and health become the mantra of life. More and more population is attracted to traditional Korean food to have flawless skin and slim figure.

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