Exploring Australia

World’s smallest continent and sixth largest country, Australia, is a popular destination among the travelers around the world for its diversified natural beauty and vibrant cultural enrichment. Travelers taste a perfect blend of urban tourism and natural wonders while travelling in this country.

Entire Australia is divided into 8 states and territories. Those are Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.
Among numerous popular travel destinations, 16 tourist spots which are truly considered as tourism icons of Australia are distinct for their breathtaking natural beauty.

Ningaloo: Ningaloo Marine Park is located at mid north coast of Western Australia. It is world’s one of the largest fringing reefs which is a habitat for more than 50 species of soft coral and 200 species of hard coral. Intriguing marine life and adventure on red sand are the main attractions of this travel spot.

Great Ocean Road: Great Ocean Road is located amidst of spectacular natural landscape in the southern part of Australia. Things to watch in Great Ocean Roads are wonderful coastline, rain forests with wildlife, scenic view of mountain ranges and vibrant Aboriginal culture.

Kimberly: Kimberly, in North West corner of Western Australia is famous for diamond mines, wired rock foundations, golden Cable beach and rock pools.

Gippsland: Ninety miles long sand beach of Gippsland is located in the South-Eastern region of Victoria State. Gippsland lakes which are biggest expanse of inland waterways in Australia, is a favorite destination for the travelers visiting in this region.

Tasmanian Wilderness: Tasmanian Wilderness comprises of 17 Nation Park. Wonderful natural beauty of mountain ranges and lakes are the major attraction on this area.

Freycinet national park: Freycinet national park is in Central-Eastern coast and just few hours of drive away from Hobart city. It is a perfect spot for one day outing from the city while experiencing the tranquil atmosphere in the middle of pink granite mountain and white beach.

Kangaroo Island: Kangaroo Island in the south coast of South Australia is considered as the ecological heaven for its diversified native wildlife. Pink pelicans, sea lions, platypus, koalas and of course Kangaroos are most notable among them.

Flinders ranges and outback: This another beautiful landscape for nature lovers. An underground art gallery and museum has been made in an abandoned mine in this area to attract more tourists. Walking along the outback in this region will be a memorable experience for anyone.

Great Barrier Reef: This is probably most popular tourist destination in Australia. Great Barrier Reef, world’s largest coral reef is enlisted in World Heritage list and a true living masterpiece. This coral reef is almost 2000 kilometers long and stretches along Queensland coast. Watching Colorful marine life under water will surely be a lifetime experience.

Fraser Island: Fraser Island is another world heritage listed place in Queensland. It is world’s largest sand island and beach of the island is almost 75 miles long. Rain forest, sand cliff and amazing color of the sea are natural attraction of this place.

Red Center: Red monolith in Australia’s Red Central is a sacred place for Aboriginal people and provides breathtaking site of red sand dunes amidst desert. The colors of sand and surrounding atmosphere during sunrise and sunset are truly spectacular here.

Kakadu: Kakadu is Australia’s biggest national park and located few miles away from Darwin city towards east. Major attractions of this place are lush rain forest, 50,000 years old aboriginal rock art gallery and rugged escarpments. Visiting Kakadu will be an amazing experience for its wide range of species including ancient flora and fauna.

Byron Bay: Byron Bay is in extreme east of Australia. This place is well-known for surfing activities, alternate philosophies and hedonistic indulgence. High tubular tides are main reason behind the popularity of this place among surfers and Byron Bay is considered as a new age surfing paradise. Coasting with hand-gliders, watching whales and colors of rainbow are other popular activities of the tourists in this place.

Blue Mountains: Blue mountain World heritage area in New South Wales is just 100 kilometers away from Sydney and spans across 1 million hectares area. Amazing natural beauty of Blue Mountains is spread across its sandstone cliffs, tall forests, waterfalls, canyons and bush lands. Wentworth fall and a rock pinnacle named as three sisters are must watch in this area.

Namadgi National Park: Namadgi Nation Park is located very near to Canberra city and well known for its rich aboriginal history and tranquil natural beauty of mountain ranges and bush land. It is perfect place for a day long outdoor adventure.

Australian Alps: Australian Alps is the ideal tourist destination for snow lovers. This snow mountain range stretches from Canberra to eastern Victoria. Skiing and mountain bike riding are the most popular activities among tourist visiting this place.

Though scenic beauties of natural landscapes are spread across entire country, Australia is a highly urbanized country. The big cities in Australia are Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Darwin, Gold Coast, Cairns, Broome and Alice Springs. All these cities provide all sort of modern facilities and ambience to tourist and skyscrapers and shopping strips are common characteristic of all these cities.

Sydney is the oldest and biggest city in Australia and famous for its picturesque harbor and Opera house. Melbourne is considered as the cultural capital of Australia and largest shopping and sporting center of the country. Canberra is the political capital of Australia.

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