Indian’s are still Ruled by the White Skin…

2009 12 03

I still believe as a friend of mine put it very aptly, India or should I say Indians are still ruled by the white. I never thought of it, until she put it her views down. Tried to dismiss them but then realized after I thought about it that it’s sadly true.

It’s disturbing to watch Indians or individuals kissing the ass of each and every white guy/girl around, be it students, dressed in rags anything. Examples? I went to a beach with a couple friends from Australia, couple white guys here for externship. I recall a wedding party who came up to them, started chatting, getting them food and then asked them to come to the reception / wedding and got them on the bus, provided for them as if they were King’s coming home. Did they ask anyone else in the group? The Indians (brown people?) of course not.

Hell the same buddy told me himself about how easy it is to get Indian chicks in Manipal cuz he’s white.

I’ve seen doormen opening doors for white people and not for the Indians? Why is that? A white chick passes by and every dude starts staring. Doesn’t matter if she’s 20 or 50, good looking or well nothing. The oogles are pathetic.

I think the best example to see this visually would be in Goa. Oh the treatment mettle for the Caucasians is far better then that handed out to the Indians. A waiter tried to pull shit on me when I called him, didn’t come and went in a single call to the bunch of white dudes sitting at the next table. My brother almost ripped his head apart.

The status of one is superior to the other, even if one is at the position of head janitor to lower janitor. Does it make them feel superior to others because they had a “white” skinned person in their mist? What do you think will happen when you go to Europe / Americas / Canada, you think they will come out with even 1% of the same treatment? Hell no. No one gives a damn. You have a turban implies your chances of getting jobs are already 1/2ed. You think anyone will give a crap? “OMG a brown guy, let’s take him home and get him some food some nice pasta and sausages”? No, either you’ll be ignored most of the time, or given a harder time.

All these weddings and functions everyone is obsessed with getting make up on to make themselves as ‘fair as possible”. A Punjabi saying “Kuri / Munda ta gori chiti chahidi/a” translates into “the girl/guy should be as light skinned as possible”. Everyone has his or her preferences but seriously this obsession is bordering on the ridiculous. It’s amusing for me to watch commercials that all border on how to make you fairer. I will not say anything to the corporations making these ad’s as the fact is that they are just capitalizing on an already preconceived and set notion in the Indian minds. It’s a business to make money.

I go to the beaches in Goa for two main reasons: the food and to get an awesome tan!
But seriously it’s about time Indians here in India grow some balls and start treating their own people better rather then focussing on who is whiter. Seriously. It’s pathetic to watch.


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