Sugary Frogs of Manipal

Sugary Frogs of Manipal

Isn’t it every girls dream to have a sweet, understanding boyfriend who never gets mad and is always willing to give you whatever you want without any quesiions. Sure, it’s every girls dream until they have someone that is just too nice.

I know that a good friend, that you can depend on to be there whenever you need them, is great to have. The people that give me cavities when I meet them because they’re too sweet, are the ones that really bother me.

Just picture this scene: an acquaintance that you haven’t seen in years comes running up and starts with all of the usual “Hi and Hello’s ” and then leads into the “Oh you look wonderful” (even if you are fifty pounds overweight) and concludes with the phoney “We just have to get together soon and go to lunch.” You know that soon means when in about 20 years. When you start to think back to the good old days, you realize that you couldn’t stand each other. She was just so nice she had to be friends with everyone.

There’s also the boyfriend who just adores you and will do anything for you. All you have to do is ask. “Can I have a dollar, five, fifty, your savings, checking and mobile call?” “Yes darling, anything else I can get for you?” Just so pleasant they can make you puke.

I’m sure you all get the picture. Just about everyone knows someone like this. The main problem is how lo stomach people like this. It seems like we run across them all the time. (Especially if you work with the public often.)

When I run into the “sweeties of the world” all I can do is laugh them off and hope and pray I don’t run into them again. If you get a boyfriend who is like this, the situation changes a great deal.

To start with, you can take it all in and try not to take advantage. If you are smart, you will take advantage. Just think of all the neat things you can come home with. A nice ring, a modern wardrobe, or maybe even a new car. Not bad if you can put up with it. Personally, I don’t think I could. When it came down to the point that when I was trying to pick a fight, when I knew that I was wrong and she would agree with me I think I would need out, after all, doesn’t every relationship need some good fights.

For everyone out there who does put up wilh friends and boyfriends who are like this. I give you credit. These types of people make me sick.

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