The Unheard Truth – Abhi Jain

Through the festive streets
I walk with a smile
Seeing people rejoicing
I stand to enjoy for a while
Celebrating with music
They dance all night long
Living every moment of life
Every night a new song
My heart’s content , mind at peace
That everything’s fine
And I walk with ease

I walk a few miles out of the city
But then I hear voices in a corner
Murmuring something very loud
I stand nearby and listen some more
As if something weird I have found
These men talk of success
But still I stand and guess
As to why they take names
As steps on ladder of fame
Why do they talk of blood
Dream about crushing other’s dream
Emote willingness to flood
The city with good old drug
Which immunes it’s people of pain and emotions
Which freezes all human motion
Many people cross them that night
But they can’t hear nor can’t they sight
What made me hear the lie
Or the truth I am perplexed

I rush back to the city to share
The darkest secret of the darkest corner
I hope people will realize
The wolf among the pack of mice
But the music is loud
And I try and shout
But no one hears or listen
And suddenly a truth unfolds
My greatest fear comes alive
Everyone’s deaf to the realities
The sweet poison , the brutalities
With which few men will cease their fate
But no one cares , no one worries
Every alert they burn and bury
And I stand alone helpless and bewildered
I see the men approaching
And it seems they have figured
That a young boy is pushing for a revolt
They laugh at the thought of it

Then comes the next morning
I am lying down in my grave
Very still and quiet
The city is sleeping
The minds tired
To another night
They will dance and sing
Another dose of sweet poison
Cheerfully they will drink

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