I am back with ‘oh, my back’

After having pretty good home stay for some 15 days , followed by great time out at IPS conference in Chandigarh, I was back in manipal on 5th evening.My last journey was in Rajdhani-the best train of India till now.But to my bad luck I was alloted a side berth which was not enough to accommodate a 6.2 feet long and fairly broad body.And during whole night time I felt as if I am trying to perform all ‘Yogas and Asanas’ given in Indian literature!!Stretchability and flexibility of all my muscles were tested.So finally when I stepped down at udupi railway station my back went on for a strike against any further exercise!The day time in the Rajdhani was not so good as I wanted it to be.Out of the six people in my compartment 5 were above 60yrs!!And so we had very few things to share amongst.Thanks to the Toshiba laptop gifted by my big b , I managed to pass my time with movies , songs and games.

For a point of time, I forgot all the bad time in train when I was back in the hostel and met my friends.To my surprise, my room was maintained neat and clean by roomy.With a ‘Welcome Back’ chit under the honey bottle on my table.After freshening up, we ended up my welcome ceremony with a hangout in a well known restaurant of manipal- ‘The guzzlers in’.

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