Bangalore – Best City in the Country!

Best Kolkata Rolls – Chakum Chukum – Bangalore
Best Music Lounge/Bar – Bflat – Bangalore
Best Andhra food – Nandini/Sreedevi – Bangalore
Best Chinese – RoN – Bangalore
Best Microbrewery – TOIT – Bangalore
Best Neighbourhood – Indiranagar – Bangalore
Best Weather – Winters/Summers/Monsoon/Spring – Bangalore
Best India Rock Band – TAAQ – Bangalore
Best dancing place/disco – i-Bar/Hint – Bangalore
Best apartment – Marvel Indiranagar – Bangalore (servants room had AC and internet connections to ensure that your maids never sweat and are always connected to the world)
Best traffic jams – everyehwere – Bangalore
Best construction obstructing roads – everywhere – Bangalore

Chakum Chakum Bangalore

And due to Bangalore being best in everything, you cannot enjoy anything, as you are in the *&^%ing traffic jam trying to deal with all the construction which is obstructing the traffic all the time.

Yesterday, I got stuck in traffic while walking.
The previous evening it took me 2.5 days to go up stairs to my guest house room as there were cars parked and construction happening on the stairwell.
Today, it took me 3.5 to just travel 0.5 km within Indiranagar and I had another 75 km to go to the airport. That was 3.5 light years.

But I still like Bangalore. I cannot figure it out. It must be the really good administration (they do not let garbage pile up for more than 28 days) and the politicians (clean, forthright and transparent) who have had a positive impact on me.

Jai ho…..

About the Author: Ashwini Mathur is a resident of Hyderabad. In the past he has worked at GSK Pharmaceuticals as a Senior General Manager and at Novartis after that. He has a Master’s degree in Mathematics from IIT Delhi, a PhD in bio-statistics from University and College Berkeley, California and an executive MBA from IIM Bangalore.

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