HEMMADI —-this one is for the BIKERS

Well, its a beautiful evening… a voice comes from inside , lets go out somewhere… a restlessness overpowers us….. we cannot focus, cannot read, cannot study…. we are enthusiastic , very enthusiastic but the big question comes,… TO WHERE ????

Well and then people start muttering the same old BORING names….. Malpe, Kapu, End Point, blah blah.

Well, hearing those names takes half the enthusiasm away, is there any solution?

Actually there is …. www.manipalblog.com

The most happening and informative blog which will remove the word BOREDOM from your dictionary { at least till you are in Manipal }.

Ok, so here i am with the places you can go and visit in evening on your Royal Enfield { even a not-so-sexy bike would do }

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Fields of Marigold and Chrysanthemum – Just a Bike ride away from Manipal

Hemmadi or Hemmady is village on the banks of Chakra river. The village is located in Kundapura taluk of Udupi district. The village is situated on National Highway 17, a road from here goes to Kollur via Vandse.

Hemmadi is well-known all over for cultivation of Marigold and Chrysanthemum flowers or popularly known as ‘Hemmadi Sevantige’…. Experts say that the soil and environment of Hemmadi suits  the cultivation of marigold flowers. It is owing to this reason that marigold growers of Hemmadi are able to get maximum yield. Marigold flowers are a special attraction during winter season when they bloom. They are also main source of income to many agriculturists of the area. Marigold flowers have a special demand for many of the religious function and locals festivals such as ‘Genda Seve.’ Therefore there is a special and increasing demand for ‘Hemmadi Sevantige’ from people of all religions. It is often said that Sevantige is God’s flower for it is mostly used for religious rites, pujas etc.

So my final word – Go, enjoy the ride, see something different and may be u can collect  a few marigolds and Chrysanthemums for your girlfreind for the valentine day….. or better still, take her along this Valentine’s day; who knows, she may be impressed and you get good returns 🙂


  1. Gaurav, A few directions as to how to reach this place would be great for first timers. Also, how are the facilities, any hotels nearby where we can have snacks etc..

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