How to be a tennis pro

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For those of you tennis players who want to become the next Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, or Maria Sharapova without developing such trivial things as a strong forehand, backhand, serve or volley, here are some tips that may help you.
The clothes you wear will be very important for you to obtain the look of the “professional ” player. You should at least be wearing those tennis shorts and shirts made by major sporting goods companies like Adidas, Nike, Puma . . . . But the tennis clothes made by Gucchi, Halson, or Pierre Cardin, would have a bigger impression. Wearing cut-off jeans and a t-shirt will almost certainly show you off as the ranked amateur that you really are.

Those shoes you wear should again be bought from a major sporting goods company (Nike, Puma . . . ), and it has to be made of leather. If you wear tennis shoes made out of canvas you might be stopped from even “laying a foot ” on the courts. The SOX you wear is also important in getting the professional look. Women should wear sox that come up to their ankles. Men should wear sox that are about four to five inches above their ankle. Wearing sox that are as high as your knee is an invitation for the other players to tell you that you are on the wrong kind of court because knee sox belong on a basketball court not a tennis court.
After obtaining these items you might still be mistaken for one of the “ball boys or ball girls “. You’ll need that “something extra” like a warm-up suit (Adidas, Nike . ). It doesn’t matter if it is no degree weather, you’ll still have to be a wearing warm-up suit or you will find yourself being asked to shag balls instead of hit them.
After getting the proper tennis attire you’ll have to learn how to “act” like the professional player. Learn how to spin or twirl the racquet with your fingers. This must be done almost as expertly as a baton twirling champion twirling a baton. If not, you’ll look very “out of place’ while waiting in between points or while waiting for a court.
Learn how to stall in between points. Pick at your strings, turn your back on your opponent, keep retying your shoelaces always being set right away for the point will be a sure give away that you are not a “professional”.
Question line calls constantly throughout a match even if the balls are clearly in bounds. If you had ever watched a professional tennis match, you’d see that this happens often, especially if it’s a “Illie Nastase ” or “John McEnroe ” type player playing. By going through a whole match without questioning a point you would have broken the “professional nice guys finish last” theory of playing.

Disclaimer: By following these tips you will now be able to become the next Nadal, Federer, or Sharapova, but the chances of you actually playing and winning like them will be very slim.

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