How about not living in the past anymore?


After an exhausting day and a long shower, he goes to his rocking chair with a cup of tea, overlooking the vast valley with flickering lights. It’s just after sunset, and he can feel the silhouettes craving for attention. The birds are chirping as they’re making their way back to their nests. He wonders whether they feel the same way he does when he’s heading back home after work! For who wouldn’t want to fly forever, but do they too?

His cell beeps and reads an emo forward from an old friend. Nostalgia creeps in. He hardly replies to messages. That evening, he replies. Just a smiley, but still he replies! He suddenly gets up, goes to his room and fishes out his yearbook from college.Comes back to his rocking chair, and browses back into the book. The fun, the craziness, the photoshoot, the trips, the lost love, the best friend, the not-spoken-to-for-a-long-time friends, the exams, the teachers, the class-rooms, the hangouts… a tear slips out of his eyes. He closes the book, keeps it aside and continues staring at the silhouettes which are now merging with the darkness of the night.

How about not living in the past anymore? 1

The beeper on the cell goes off again, a message from a friend again, saying ‘Wat u doin? Dont temme ur out on ur balcony staring out agn! 😛 Wait a min, r u?’ He doesn’t reply. His thoughts come back and he wonders whether he’s the only one who’s still living in his past every single day. He had left the place, but he still lived there in his heart. He hadn’t made new friends nor did he talk to anyone. All he did was sit and relive the moments in his head, over and again, with more details each time.

The present is like a verdant tree. It provides us shade and everything we need. But as time passes, the leaves wither, the tree dries up, but we still choose to sit under the desiccated branches of the tree for shade. The familiarity gives comfort, though it’s not comfortable at all. We are scared to go looking for a new growth for shade. The birds chirping around have already built a new nest on a new tree. They hover over this man sitting under a dying tree and ask him to let go because it’s not providing any shade anymore. “But i’ve blacked out the sun instead!” he replies squinting! This is what we all do. We choose to live in the past, not letting go and in turn avoid all the new opportunities that are coming our way. We reject the brightness of the sun, and accept the comfort of being in the familiarity of the past.

Why not let the past just be a memory to cherish, an experience to learn from and something to feel nostalgic about once in a while? How about not living there anymore?

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  1.  The more you take responsibility for your past and present, the more you are able to create the future you seek. Everyone has done something they regret in life. But we can’t let the past dictate our future; focus on our present and future.

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