Home Automation

Just previous post was about ‘laziness’.This one, in a manner, is somewhat related to increasing demand of comfort/laziness.Of course from a technological perspective, I found it to be quite useful.

The system is basically useful for big establishments and huge bungalows, where You have to walk along the long walkways just to change the song in the player or to switch off the lights or fans!A remote called as ‘learning remote’ performs all the functions, even from the most eccentric part of the house, (since it works on the radio frequency wave system).Here you have to assign functions to the remote which can transmits and receive waves of different lengths and so gadgets from different companies can be controlled with the same remote.

It may sound lazy that I was not willing to stand up and change the song in the laptop 5 feet away from me but the real scenario was different.I was reading in lying down position in my bed with ‘GOODMAN GILLMAN’-a very heavy book of Pharmacology- on my stomach and understandably to stand up was not so easy and preferable when you are reading with sheer concentration.And so I consider this as one of the very genuine reasons, justifying requirement of home automation.

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