Holiday In Goa

Stop! The title of this article may sound suggestive to all those of you who have watched Outsourced. But this post is not about the movie or a scandalizing chapter from a fictitious person’s diary (sorry to disappoint). It’s about a holiday in Goa. Literally.

All of thirteen, I was super-excited when our class teacher announced that the school was planning a trip to Goa for us ninth standard students. I knew my parents would agree, I just had to get my dad convinced that I would be able to manage myself.  Goa, then, still meant splashing about in the sea and building ungainly structures from sand which were our imitation of castles.Keep Calm

So we went. I don’t remember much now, but a smile always appears involuntarily on my face when I try to recall Goa. Oh, the fun we had. Running on the beach barefoot and no parent to watch you, scold you or warn you not to venture too close to the sea. Holding hands and daring the waves to sweep us off our feet. Scrambling across the sand to collect sea-shells and shrieking when they revealed some little wriggly things inside. Despairing to try out Feni (just a sip!) and being fiercely reprimanded by the teachers. Dancing on a boat with people we never saw again. Gossiping till the darkest hour before dawn and getting screamed at to wake up in the wee hours of the morn.

Oh, Goa.

A lot can change over five years. One among the many things that changed was my perspective of Goa. From the innocent sand-castles-and-mud-wars one, it underwent an unforeseen metamorphosis. The new perspective, and the rationale behind it, would surely appeal to all the college-goers out there.

When you are staying away from home, feelings of home-sickness, stress, fatigue and boredom often result in spontaneous, little-thought-of decisions. Going on a trip with friends would occupy a major slice of the little-thought-of decisions pie. As the trends go, all roads invariably lead to Goa.

Goa, a place where you can conveniently forget all the restrictions you’ve imposed on yourself and just go wild for that one weekend. Where the true spirit of YOLO burns bright, and you’re free. The only aim is to have fun, which you do. One weekend away from college, studies, assignments, last minute work and late night coffee. Already tempted?

Before you start to painstakingly move the rusty cogwheels of your imagination, I must add a note of caution.  All said and done, you’ve got to be sane enough not to break the laws. Otherwise you would end up in jail rather than on the beach. That’s it. Go ahead and oil those darned wheels now. 😀

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