The Night Stroll

11.15 pm: My hand is throbbing with pain. Today I lost a volleyball match to a far better team. I missed dinner, though the rumbling in my stomach is making me regret about that. I must have something. While leaving my room I think, nothing in the world can match the feeling of hundreds of people cheering for you…

11.25 pm: “Boss! Ek Nandini Goodlife”. Maybe I am the only one to have milk on a late Friday night in Manipal. No! I see another one! At that moment he was almost my brother. There is still half an hour when my hostel officially closes. I can have a walk. As I leave the shop I think, life would have been impossible without Student’s Point…
11.35 pm: Love. It has no limits. Manipal is no exception. I increased my pace so I did not interrupt the limitless love of a couple. And then I quickly moved to the sidewalk to avoid limitless speed. As I passed through different food junctions named after various states, I remembered home food. RUMBLE!! Do not think of that. Poha…
11.45 pm: Two huge buildings. Seperated by a road. Both under construction. One is the latest Mandavi residency and the other is a big colosseum-like girls hostel. Both will have splendid facilities and huge price. Elevators, hot water, gym, air-conditioners.The daily wage workers who built these must have thought atleast once, what have these young boys and girls done to deserve this luxury…
11.55 pm: I am crossing five words that I will never forget. The words are M,C,O,P and S. My college wears a deserted look. I asked myself the tenth time “Why is the IPC banner still there”? There are many people who do not like this place, but I am definitely not one of those. Seeing my college I am reminded of writing the article for my college magazine. I will do it tomorrow. I realized that for students the ultimate weapon to escape pressure is: Tomorrow.
12.05 pm: I am in my room. I have to sleep. I have a class at 8 am. I do not understand the logic behind 75% attendance. I can do equally well with 50%. But maybe it brings discipline and routine in one’s life. I have a short prayer. As I drift into my dreams I slightly smile. I love this place.


  1. 12.48 pm I come across some random post about Manipal experience.I decide to write a comment of appreciation.

    12.51 pm Still struggling to write the comment. Thinking of saying "Nice one".Finally decide to say "Deep writing about nothing in particular, thanks for letting me know it was possiable"

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