Happiness Inside a Frozen Bottle

Bengaluru’s trendiest milkshake brand just waltzed its way into Manipal to please the hearts of the students and made this Good Friday very good indeed. the ‘frozen bottle’ as it is called opened its first store in Manipal outside Canara mall, right next to McDonald’s and was greeted with a huge crowd on its very first day. This brand is famous for its milkshakes and ice creams which they serve in beautiful glass bottles and jars.

Being the ever-hungry pig that I am, I grabbed a friend and dragged him to the tiny little shop within hours of its opening. Together, we both battled our way through the crowd to place an order for two beautiful ice cream jars and a milkshake. Although it was a seemingly long wait before my food arrived, it was definitely worth it. As I already mentioned, the milkshakes are served in glass bottles which easily fit into the side pocket of your bag and can be taken home and used for several other purposes. The frozen desserts are called ‘ice creams jars’ and are really served in glass jar.

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The jars we had ordered were called ‘banana caramel goodness’ and the ‘melting pot’. The former was decorated with caramel sauce, almonds and pieces of bananas. it had a layer of cake at the very bottom. The ‘melting’ pot was a choco-lover’s dream. The base was a layer of fudge and chocolate cake which was topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles. But despite the lip-smacking icecreams which tasted as good as they looked, the belgium chocolate milkshake stole the show. it was thick, creamy and super-chocolaty.

If you’re the kind of person who takes pictures of food and posts it on Instagram or Snapchat, you should definitely go to this place. the food is great and gets you more likes. the milkshakes are filling too and can be eaten when you’re hungry, but not hungry enough for a proper meal. The ‘Frozen Bottle’ boasts of being a hundred percent vegetarian.

The only drawbacks are the cost and the quantity.

This place is great but it will drill a big hole in your pocket, specially if you eat as much I do. The quantity is also less. Somehow, I expected the ice cream jars to be much bigger.

But despite the cost, I love this place and I would definitly go back for more.

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