Health & Fitness

A Pint of Blood – World Blood Donor Appreciation Day

We come across a lot many Urgent Blood Needed messages every week if not more frequently. How many times have we actually paid heed to it? And why is it so important to? Prevention is better than cure, but accidents do happen. Blood is another vital fluid that is needed to keep lives living. Donate Blood. Save Lives. Do it often!

Food & Restaurants

The Tiger’s Creamery – EOTT

Manipal’s favorite American style bar, ‘Eye of the Tiger’ just opened a small outlet outside Canara mall and this time, they’re selling waffles and ice cream. Now, a student town like Manipal is bound to have many ice cream shops

Food & Restaurants

The J-Walker’s Paradise

So this is one of my favorites! A very famous chain called ‘The J’ just opened it’s doors in Manipal and like the ever-hungry beast I am, I reached the food-heaven within the first day. Located in the Manipal Shopping