Ghar ka Khana

Before going to our homes for the much awaited winter vacations for the first time, I am sure all of us made a list – a list of things we have to shop, people we have to meet, books we want to read but the thing topping my list was “food” – things I want to eat, things I want my grandma to make and pack for me to carry back to the hostel.10152010717

The day I came home in the freezing temperature of 6 degree Celsius,
after the disgusting flight food, I was welcomed by gajar halwa, spinach curry, dal and proper rotis! Ah… the touch of those soft homemade bread which is very different from the “pseudo roti“ we get in the mess, after months I could actually make out the vegetable I was eating , there was no rice, no sambhar just simple comforting home cooked meal.

I waited for the right moment and went to my mother made the most innocent face and handed her the “list”, unlike the usual mommy response she just nodded and said “I will try my best” – a line she would usually use on chronic patients, I think she just found pity on the “good food deprived, lost a lot of weight kid”. Anyway, it just worked right for me.

The following days were blissful… aloo paratha where I found the filling without playing treasure hunt, egg rolls, hot chocolate pudding. But this period ended soon and I had to pack my bags, travel across the extreme temperatures and tell my taste buds that summer breaks will come soon.

And now we are back to the hostels trying to make peace with the mess food again, the rice, sambhar and waiting for the time when we make our “lists “ again .

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