Gays are From Mars… Lesbians from Venus

Sleeping in the morning lecture of Community Medicine, my mind was wandering as usual, looking for new aspects – where to kill the boredom. Suddenly it remembered an article about the growing community of homosexuals in and around Manipal, and as it is a natural genius, connected it to the below mentioned Legend. Then my subconscious mind hopped in and poured in the results of my observational skills, developed thanks to Sherlock Holmes. Followed it was a bit of research, a bit of imagination and here is this….

Legend says “All the men were Martians & the women were from Venus. One day, Martians saw Venus through the telescope, FELL IN LOVE with women, did everything to meet them, found them finally, came down to earth and settled here.”

Have you ever thought how men and women were before they met? I believe the Martians were Gays & the Venusians, Lesbians.

Stop Stop Stop.

Before jumping to conclusions, don’t take into account just the sexual context of these relationships. Let me make it clear that this relation, as far as I have perceived, was first, emotional, much as any straight couple, and since every love relationship culminates in sexual contact, this also does. And let me also make this clear that my perception is strictly observational, if anybody was getting ideas there. The sole purpose of this article is to emphasize the point that homosexuals are not psychos as perceived by every other self-declared so-called-normal person.

A question might arise “What is normalcy”? For me, a person who labours in the library till it closes daily, without missing lectures is abnormal, and to him, I, sleeping in my room, bunking classes and living a “normal” life is abnormal. As a famous Yoga Guru once said “Homosexuals are psychos, mentally retarded people”, but to me a person who can bend his body into impossible bizarre shapes is abnormal. It’s a relative thing.

This misconception arose due to the simple fact that we don’t want to accept new things, we are inflexible, unbending and unyielding. We think what we are and what we know is normal, but, it’s time to accept and change our thinking for good. Such has been the tradition or else we would have let the sun revolve around earth for god knows how long.

Homosexuality isn’t a modern concept. Only handfuls know that it’s been around since 300 B.C. Then, almost 45% of the civilisation practiced it legally, 50% illegally & merely 5% didn’t accept it. At any given point of time, approx. 20% of the world’s population suffers from the homosexual mentality, so why isn’t it acceptable? What’s the problem if two legally adult individuals maintain a homosexual relationship behind closed doors and otherwise have a dignified behaviour outside? Agreed that, Public display of emotion or love, whether it be homo or heterosexual, hasn’t found acceptance till date, hence it is denounced. But why so for a private relationship ???

People might be quick to point out that if today homosexuality is allowed a stage might be set for legalizing bestiality in future. I’d say that if people find it natural and if 1/5th of the world finds it normal then Yes, we should be game for it. Another concern of these so-called-concerned-people is the spread of STD’s. True, having a relationship involving multiple partners has higher risks of transmitting STD’s but this applies to both homo & heterosexuals, and if a homosexual has safe sex with a single partner and is happy with it than being a gloomy and sad straight, we shouldn’t have a problem with that. Like in the profession of a Doctor, the patient needs Empathy and not Sympathy, the same rule applies to day to day life. Imagine yourself in their place and then think why and what and you’ll find the answer. Think why they are homosexuals by
imagining their position and you will find it.

Recent studies show two predisposing factors for homosexuality namely Environmental & Genetic. Scientists are yet to find the genes of
homosexuality, which once defined, would support that homosexuality is as “natural” as our hair colour. On the other hand,  environmental factors start shaping up right from the childhood. Often divorced parents leave a deep psychological impact on the child’s psyche which might lead to the thought that if heterosexuality had so many problems then why I shouldn’t try homosexuality which statistically has a far lower separation rate. Those who’ve tried this and found it interesting, recommend it to friends – another environmental cause. Apart from this curiosity to try new things also lead to persons being homosexual. This is a new field of study for persons studying human behaviour and their changes, (I don’t remember what they are called,) the more they will study; the more we will get to know the cause behind this behaviour and will help us to prove the normalcy & naturalness of homosexuality Today there are just 51 countries in the world which mark homosexuality as illegal and against the law, the worst being the Middle-east nations having penalties ranging from 2 years imprisonment to death, but the good thing is that the other 200 countries have accepted these people whole heartedly, which includes Europe and South America.

Thanks to the movement started by The Naz Foundation India Trust and a PIL filed in due course, on July 2nd, 2009 the Delhi High Court passed a verdict which marked the legal acceptance of homosexuality in India. Though the order to be valid, an amendment in Constitution is still needed but there seems to be light at the end of this tunnel. Till it’s done, the debate will continue and articles will keep on coming, and after it is done, I hope mind will find some new topic to vandalise boredom.

About the Author: This article was posted as a comment by Nilesh Kumar on our post “Abnormal” . He had written this article  long back when the Delhi high court had amended Article 377, but it never went for publication..


  1. Just want to give my own opinion that not a single religion supports homosexuality be it Hinduism, Islam, Christianity etc. Now homosexuals got right in this country then they shout for their marriages and then bark for child adoption etc. These perverted deeds not only changes the balance of nature but also drove the mankind to its doom.

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