GANDHI: The Father of the Nationwide Corruption – 1

Gandhi jayanti 1DISCLAIMER: This post is not intended to harm anyone’s sentiments, or to cause public unrest. It just states FACTS and tries to draw a logical conclusion from them. It contains STRONG VIEWS and language.


[ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi aka ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi is the face the world recognizes India with. He had great ideas for his country, the purest soul, and was a selfless human-being, who had the courage to stand up against the cruel oppressive rulers, without a single weapon, and free our great nation from the colonialistic Emperors. BULLSHIT. ]
Most of us Indians, though educated, are a non-thinking and a gullible lot… and our history is proof enough for this. Despite being quite a strong civilisation ever since the Harappan times, we have been, time and again, fooled into submission, first by the Aryans, then by the Sultans, followed by the Mughals, and then the Europeans, each time the societies more-or-less merging into one-another. We have a history of being possessors of knowledge, and not users of it. We NEVER apply the knowledge we have in practical applications. A more recent example would be the boom in the IT Sector. Name THREE software products that have come out of India in the past ten years. You can’t. That’s exactly what my point is.

Tell me what we lack in. Manpower? Natural resources? Or maybe intelligence? I think everyone will agree when I say our nation has plenty of all these fundamental needs. It’s just that we don’t know, or maybe do not WANT to know how to USE them.
Now tell me who DECIDES how to use all these resources (natural resources, manpower, & intelligence). Can’t guess? It’s our leaders. And ever since we have had democracy, have we EVER been able to achieve the status that we have sometimes enjoyed in the past? Have ANY of our universities attained as high a status as Taxila and Nalanda? Have we ever had a ‘Golden Age’ like we had at the time of Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya, or even come anywhere close to it? Leave golden, have we ever come near a ‘Bronze age’? NO!!!
Then I ask you one last thing- who chooses these leaders that choose how to use all these resources? Maybe you don’t know, or even choose to ignore it, but it’s YOU. YOU are the ones responsible for the inefficient way this country works…. And it’s all because YOU don’t THINK. Why don’t you bloody THINK??? Do you EVER question what you are told? Do you ever try to find out if what’s being told to you actually is a fact? Do you ever try to UNDERSTAND what is taught to you??? The answer is- most of you do NOT. And I ask you- WHY THE HELL NOT?
Do you know who made the Qutub Minar? Anyone? Delhiites? Do you know why the area it is situated in called ‘Mehrauli’? Do you have ANY FRIGGIN’ IDEA??? “History is written by the victors.” Winston Churchill very rightly said. And so has been the case. The Sultans came, saw the amazing monument, and took all the credit for it themselves. Qutub Minar was made as an astronomical observatory for the great scientist and mathematician Varamihira by Chandragupta Vikramaditya. Cannot believe me? Click here to read more. Do you know ANYTHING about our country? NO!! And still you say you are proud of it….. ignorant fools. WAKE UP!!!
I think this much is enough to ponder on, for today. I’ll post the second part of this post soon. Till then, think about what I’ve said here, and for God’s sake, be OPEN MNDED. Be INQUISITIVE. Try to know whether what is being told to you is the TRUTH. Till then, goodbye.

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  1. We might not know about our history, our heritage,but we FEEL, we feel a sting in our heart, a lump in our throat, tears in our eyes, when we see our national flag waving. We feel pride. We may not know about our glorious past, but all we know and all we have is a promise of a strong future. And that is all a country needs.

  2. Corruption ? ignorance ? Well you are beautifully right there my dear. Ignorance is the mother of all the sh*t going there. People like you who are ignorant enought to know how impossiable it was to unite a country of 35 million people.People who understand the concept of ignorance but still face away from resposabilities like coming up with solutions than problems. We dont need no problems dude.We dont need to know what we are unaware of and how it is leading to corruption (?). All we need is someone who can tell us in the face of it that this is the problem and this is the solution. When someone does we call him leader. Besides as far as being fooled into submissions is concerned dude that happens to everyone around the world, I can name you countries who got their independace way after India did and are better right now.So tellme what is the reason ? and it appears you are so worried about people not questioning the opinions of others well you pretty much have me in your face if not others,dont ya ? There were and there are people who could see far beyond you but there is a reason why they choose what they choose.

  3. thanks for the comments, ppl! I'll reply to each one of them AFTER i'm done with all the three parts.

    @VST dude, i'll like to adress one issue that i might not include in future posts.

    you said, and i quote- "I can name you countries who got their independace way after India did and are better right now."

    that is EXACTLY what I am asking you! why is this??? think of it!! because we do NOT choose appropriate leaders. We look up to the wrong ppl.

    When i say you are ignorant, i mean that you know NOTHING about this man you blindly support.
    What im saying here is- FIND OUT EVERYTHING YOU CAN ABOUT HIM!!! THEN decide whether he is worthy of your admiration.

    Thank you, once again, ppl! You input is EXTREMELY valuable. 🙂

  4. i wrote a huge article about this in the comment and stupid blog spot decided to show i will put things in short
    1-get your facts right
    2-if you represent the youth thinking,india is screwed
    3-freedom bought at the price of birth is never stable eg.cuba
    4-hatred breeds hatred
    5-you mock a person who practiced what he preached,thats very thoughtful of you….

  5. Counter thanks. Hehe so your answer is not choosing appropiate leaders right ? Wrong its because we dont have the courage to be the leaders ourselves and blame the one who are there. There are a lot of leaders out there I would agree with you who are not worthy of the title but why is it that even after knowing such stuff deeply there is no change ? Its because people like you and me who are quite comfortable in sitting at their home trying to mess around with leaders,claming to know the cause of corruption etc. Fine people dont know about "complete history" of their leader (Hec i dont even know a peoson who knows about himself completely but assuming this in theory is possiable)but you knowing this do what ? nothing right ? You are far worse than those then atleast those people are unaware

    Trust me if someone requires the following the most at this point it is you
    "There are more things in heaven and earth then are dreamt of in your philosphy"- William Shakespeare

    Love your last line didnt expect thut. You really do understand some stuff !

  6. @veneer
    why do you feel guilty whenever you look at the national flag? did you do something wrong? and why do you take pride in the fact?
    what this country actually needs is critical thinking and logic. we need a leader with these qualities. we need a population with these qualities. and of course hard work (which is not lacking even now).

    how does all this make mahatma gandhi's work bullshit? i hope you have a solid point to make.

  7. Even though you are right about us being educated but are dominated easily by others, I don’t agree with any of the other things that you have put up without understanding the way things are. I think it’s become some sort of fashion with our generation to comment on the deeds of leaders like Gandhi. Well it’s another fashion to say that had he stepped aside, Bhagat Singh and his gang would have got us independence in no time (this would be after one watches the movie Legend of Bhagath Singh). Even though I would support revolution any day, that is not what worked for our country at that point of time. History is history. One should not try to change it. Whatever Gandhi did, we weren’t there in that era to out rightly comment on his deeds. Whatever we comment now is based on someone’s baseless idea. This is how we are easily dominated. Base your comment on what the history has written at that point of time. And I am sure no major history written then, had foul words for Gandhi. He was the only person then who had the b*lls to take the responsibility of leading the nation. If anyone was out there who could have done a better job than him he should have surfaced. But there weren’t any. He worked hard for our independence and that’s the plain truth. Mistakes, he may have committed, but you need to respect the man for his courage and integrity that led to the idea of our nation (though not perfect!!)

  8. @VST thanks, once again, for your input, and for you taking out the time to read and comment. this proves you are really concerned for your country. just be patient. i'll put all my points forward gradually, and then answer all your questions. keep posting them, but! 🙂

    @perryizgr8 thank you for having faith in me. i assure you that you won't be disappointed at the end of all this. 🙂

    @Anil I read your post, went over the points you've put forward, and came to the conclusion that you'll get most of your answers in the next post. keep waiting! 🙂

  9. Gandhi changed the way the world perceived India. A country needs more than a rich knowledge of the past, it needs hope.

  10. @divs: Strong words! This thought gave the rise of a unfortunate phenomenon called Terrorism. Will answer your 'post-colonial' anger when I read your complete thing! Looking forward.

  11. Divyansh: You're right to some extent. Yes, we are the ones who elect our leaders. Yes, we are the ones who get them to a place where they turn ugly and get caught into the very lustrous trap of corruption. But what can we do? Such are the people who stand up wishing to be elected. Such are the people who want to get into politics. The common man is so repelled by the formidable internal flaws in the system, he just cannot think of joining politics. I agree with you till this point. (Not to forget, there might be some who actually want to help/work for the nation but we suck at giving them a chance)

    Another point you mentioned here is patriotism and how people call themselves patriotic and have pride for the country. Pride is not about what our country was. In fact, our history is not quite such that we show excessive pride about. There were ugly wars, foreigners invaded/enslaved us. My point being that when people say that they are proud of our country, it does not mean that they have every bit of history memorized. It just means that they are happy and appreciate the advancements our country is taking in the present and take an active (although small) step in contributing to the same.

    Otherwise, quite a post well thought of but it would be great if you'd tone down your fifth paragraph. This is a blog where people with different ideologies come to read. There might be quite a few who get offended. And stop using the word 'YOU'. It is 'WE'. Remember, you are also a part of the public. Dude, this almost portrays you as an individual who thinks that the public is nothing but a bunch of effed up idiots and you're the only one right. You might be, but it is not quite pleasing to read. Please rectify.

  12. @Darkange Last line is class ! thuts what I think is very important both for the leaders and the "youth represntatives".

    @perryizg8 I think Veneer is saying otherwise read again.
    Critical thinking and logic ? Sry dude but I think with guys like you its already there right ? If you are not the one who thinks "you are the only one" then there is no lack of critical thinking and logic.I second your last line.

  13. @darkange all your points will be talked about. thanks a LOT for your opinions. i really appreciate your participation.

    @tanmay will try to finish it as soon as i can!

    @kamath i know we don't have the right ppl standing in elections. it's GOT to change somehow. 🙁
    i just wanted to show that ppl don't have their facts straight. they don't KNOW what they are talking about. i will address this in the next post.
    i never wanted to imply that i was not a part of the public. it will be 'WE' from now on 🙂

  14. many of the things wat u hav written de r correct but we can think dat at the ime of indutrial revolution watever wer the basics needs of the man he invented and discovered at dat time n at the sae time if we consider india then it still requires to develop those basic things so as to develop as a developed state..rite now india is frontier developing state in world so it needed dat she shud work on basic necessities of her ctizens instead of inventing things…..if atall i agree dat in india software revolution has so much spread dat indians cant make an excuse to retaliate against inventions n research den i wud say dat government is responsible for dat…..even the education branch shud be made attractive by adding extra perks and facilities…money shud be pushed towards research work more…..but again at the same time the problem comes dat first we need to at the highest in efficiency in older technologies then only some labour can be done towards reseach for a fruitful results and which can benefit the mankind…….and now if we talk abt gandhi he had its own dark part n more of the brighter part…..if we talk abt his personal life then he was the extreme case of vulgarism,unethical n demoralization…and at the same time if talk abt his socal behaviour,leadersip,mass-moving capabilities,being on the gounds, confidence etc then its really appreciable…..Actually both his darker n brighter side are equally debatable….but wat the thing is dat those sort of things used to work for bringing outrage against the govt. of england….DIS IS NT THE PROBLEM RITE NOW INFRONT OF US…..we hav problems lik poverty,hunger,shelter shortage, population growth,literacy among people,religious extremism lik foeticide,dowry deaths, moreover the crime rate and most important "HOW TO MANAGE ALL THESE PROBLEMS IN AN OPTIMUM MANNER SO THAT ALL MAY BENEFIT TO A SATISFACTORY LEVEL"…so it needs managerial view to solve these problems, we need to know the world trade policies, and all management skills so as to improve the state by globalisation… was nt karamchand gandhi who brought globalisation in india they wer rajiv gandhi, narasimha rao,Dr. P. chidambaram,Dr. Manmohan singh
    lik people…..mahatma was nt dat qualified to make r country rule the world…he was a mere gud speaker, mass convincing personality…… n more over dat the ask n demand of the time at time which was necessary….but he didnt have those managemnt traits so as to manage the works at national n international level….so cant blame himm completely n at the same time today's politicians are also nt dat (DUDH KE DHULE HUE)…….If anybody has a problem wih the system then instead of commenting n criticizing plz join the system first n be a prt of it n clean it n manage the things out…..first comes the basic necessities then the facial developmental work wat rite nw developed countries…..first think how we can eradicate the corruption n pollution of mind then we can achieve n get our aims goals auto-matically….. :):):):):)

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