Gaggara – Preserving ehnicity or promoting Superstition?

With the Tulu movie Gaggara having won the National film award for best regional movie, Actor-Director Shivadhwaj Shetty has made a mark for himself in the Tulu film industry. The movie puts forth the religious practice of Bhootha kolu (Bootha Kola in tulu), reasoning its fading away in the society.

Gaggara tulu Movie Bootha Kola Bhoota Kolu
Photo source:Bhoota Kola: A pictorial, More photos at the source.
The 110 minute movie aims to awaken the masses to the dying heritage and culture of Karnataka. It highlights the beliefs, dance, the rituals practiced while performing the Bootha Kola, which currently is losing its authenticity amongst its practitioners.

“My movie has a social message which will help people understand the importance of preservation of our ethnicity”

says Sjivadhwaj. The movie also displays the ill treatment meted out to the Bootha kola performers who face seasonal unemployment and are looked down upon by the upper class.

“My grandfather used to organise the Bootha Kola ritual and hence this issue certainly is close to my heart; I have directed the movie taking into account my personal experiences with the ritual. Also through this, I believe, that the government and the locals can help this community in any way they can,” added Shetty. This project was made taking into consideration the current scenario of the dying folk culture and it truly is a jewel in the Tulu Film Industry’s crown.

Gaggara is also the first Tulu movie to be screened at IFFI, the Goa film festival.

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