Finding The Right Job Environment For You

Job satisfaction and herd mentality job environment
Job Satisfaction goes for a toss, you work in herds ( they call it teams/projects) where you find it difficult to carve a niche for yourself, your learning curve gets stagnated

Finding the right job is an art; it lets you know yourself, what you like, and what you want. Often, people search for jobs in their field without considering whether the job will fit their needs or lifestyle. Few people have the luxury to turn down a job opportunity, especially how the economy has been. But during a job search, you must search for employment in companies you will be comfortable in.

After college graduation, I searched and applied for jobs at every company with an opening and ended up with jobs I liked and didn’t like. However, I learned a lot about the atmospheres within different-sized companies, and all of them have perks and downsides depending on what kind of job they can get close to fitting your lifestyle.

Working from Home

Working from home can be an excellent opportunity or someone’s downfall if you are a freelancer or contractor or own a business. A couple of years ago, I worked as a freelance publicist for a small, one-person company. It wasn’t until I started working for her that I realized I didn’t enjoy working from home, sitting at my computer, and sending promotional emails all day.

I was happiest interacting with coworkers and customers face-to-face. Also, if you want any success working from home, you must have excellent time management skills and the keen ability to keep from procrastinating. However, working from home can be a viable option for people with young children or who just enjoy freedom.

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The Big Corporation (5000 or more employees)

People who prefer to work nine to five, want their weekends off, and like a set structure will enjoy working at a larger company. When working for a corporation with many employees, you end up being exposed to many different points of view and meeting various people.

A higher salary, better benefits, and a retirement plan can also be a perk. However, when I worked for a large corporation, I felt insignificant among so many people, and I had fewer opportunities to stand out and have my work recognized.

The Small Startups (5-9 employees)

Every job has its boring spells, and startups are no exception. Still, often, there is more variety and a certain level of exhilaration when a small group of people work toward a common goal of creating a successful company. Startups are fast-paced, requiring flexibility and adaptability; you are always on your toes and must be ready to solve any setback.

I’ve learned more from working for a startup than ever in my other jobs. I may not get paid as well as I did when I worked for a larger company, but my diligence and skills make a considerable contribution to the company’s success.

Everyone is different regarding job preference, and when looking for a job, it’s best to ask yourself what job will fit your lifestyle the best.

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Do you want a higher salary, or are you willing to sacrifice a higher salary for better experience and skill-building? Are you ready to work on the weekends, or do you want a job with set hours so you can have time for other things?

Do you like the idea of a small company or a large company? Are work relationships a necessity for you? Do you prefer working alone at home or at an office in a team? No job can fit all of your needs, but the size of a company can play a large part in helping you find the right job environment for your lifestyle.

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