Falling in love with you…

Every relation in our life has a different expectation from us or simply I should say a new demand. Career may be a concern for parents, sacrifices for the younger ones, care for your lover, time for your friends, and many more no end.
How to get so many qualities in just one being??? As soon as you focus on one quality you get closer to one relation and leave behind the others . But remember some misunderstandings are essential for better understanding. I feel trust, understanding and spending time with each other is the inevitable part of a relation.
In my life, we started 5years back with a small relation of just friends and it captured my entire life. I don’t know how it all happened but I know that magic is still overwhelming. Something was already planned even before we met. The only thing I am cognizant about is, it changed our lives forever.
Though we fight many a times, ignore each other and then end up crying but I believe our relation is not going to end this way. The best part is for those who wait, and I am waiting. It has been a long time together, but the fear of losing each other keeps us together.
“Can miles really separate us. When we love each other truly, aren’t we already there?”

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