Entry no. 4 – ‘And’ by Sangeeta Saha

valentines day contest

And what if I say that I love you

Will u love me too?

What if I say u belong to me

And me only

Will u run back to me from where ever you are?

And be mine always?

Smile that crooked smile and

Give that hug I have always longed for…

Perhaps no…Perhaps never

Because you will never know,

Never feel the same way I do

Perhaps that’s the way it’s meant to be

Two different paths that are never meant to cross

And I keep telling myself, convincing myself everyday

That’s this is what is best for me

Because what I think he is, dream he would be like

Might just b a reality in my dreams

That it is better this way

And everyday I promise to myself

To let it go

And begin afresh

But the moment I see you

I feel the same way I felt the first time I saw u..!!


About the Author: Sangeeta Saha, a student of KMC, Mangalore. This is a poetry submitted for the Valentine’s Day Contest.

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