5 Things to watch out in an early relationship (for guys)

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Ever had that sinking feeling, that things are not working out fine in your short relationship so far? How do you know that she likes you? Here are five tips from an experienced member of the male species 🙂

1)Listen – This doesn’t mean listen to just what she says, listen to her every move. Are you talking about something and she drops in an unrelated word ? that might be on her mind and she might wanna talk about it.If she looks away while you are talking you are not talking sick, just talking about sick things advisable to change the topic.Always remember she doesn’t want to be impressed by your talks, your logic and reasoning,she wants to talk about things that she finds interesting.In fact its very advisable to swap topics frequently and see which one she likes to talk about.

2)Control your ego – Yup male ego is a very big thing but don’t let it come in between.This does not mean you start following everything she says but girls generally expect you to make the first move. Don’t think that she should ask you first about dinner or message you in the morning as its a mutual relationship truth is she is already expecting a message from you if you have been doing it all time long.

3)Hanging out – Guys always want to hang out but girls prefer more of a talking to hanging out. Don’t take it negatively if she dosen wanna hang out tonight don’t bother her.

4)Praise – No buddy contrary to what you might believe girls are not looking for random praises of them making you seem fake.Determine which quality of hers she values the most and when the time is there praise her for that. She might get upset with you for not praising her new makeover but no need to give fake praises, it might just give you momentary upper hand but it will backfire.If something dosen look good say it dosen

5)Keep your eyes open – Always keep your eyes open for any changes in her. She has waited long enough for your comment.She might forgive you for the few times but it has left a mark.

PS : No one wants to hear about your eX so better keep shut on the matter until she asks you (it wont happen my guarantee 😉 )
PS 2 : Ahhh.. don’t play “wanted handsome” even if you are.
PS 3 : Everything in here dosen apply to everyone, there are always exceptions so please don’t gun me down on that.


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