Do College Students Not Value their teachers?


On the occasion of teacher’s day let’s talk about the times when teachers were treated like ‘Teachers’ and not just another person in school.There were times when we used to stand up as soon as the teacher entered the class, not because we were told to do so but for the reason that we respected the teacher. Where has that courtesy gone?Do college students not value their teachers? 1

There were times when we used to do our homework only because we were scared of getting a scolding from the teacher and now we do not do our homework because we enjoy troubling them. Where has that feeling disappeared? We used to wish our teachers every time we saw them and now we laugh at them without caring what they might feel. Will that respect ever come back?

We used to work, burning midnight oil just to prepare a small card for our favorite teachers (there were always more than 2) to surprise them on Teacher’s Day and fought with our parents to lend us money to buy something as a mark of gratitude for the beloved teachers at school.

That time when we used to respect our teachers, cared for them and were afraid of them might have gone but is it too late to realize that the person with whom we behave in such a manner is the one who’s simple words, “if you score good marks this time, that will be the best gift for me” made us think, “yes! I’ll give my sir/ma’am best gift this time”. The same, person who we walk pass in a way as if we don’t know them , can carve our destiny and turn us from nothing to everything.

On this Teacher’s Day I pray to God to give back those times when we considered our favorite teacher not who always gave good marks, but who always said, “May God Bless You Child, Do Well In Exams This time” with the smile whose warmth could melt the hardest of rocks.

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