Death, Darwin and Development

Image Source: Robert Hutchinson

The era of Darwin dead world…..

In the evolutionary lineage in general the primitive organisms spend more time in the world and then evolution starts and the different species evolve exponentially such as the time for the new advanced specie to be formed is decreased every time. According to this pattern we humans should have evolved into something new (Homo sapiens futuralis) but why didn’t we? Why a human species is so fragile compared to its ancestors in the forests? It is because we have used our knowledge to comfort us rather than evolve us. We all know if we would exercise it would lead to a better body but we would rather depend on machines than do any work ourselves. The death rate has fallen drastically and hence every kind of gene regardless of whether it is superior or inferior has survived in our society as we block many of the natural selections required for us to move forward and evolve.

Death is as important in evolution as life. Natural selection is selection of who lives and who dies. If all of us become immortal without undergoing a change in our genetic makeup then all of us will die from a single natural selection. In the past maybe there were two groups one with extraordinary life span (or no natural death) and the other with somewhat lesser life span. The former kept going on and on until one day they all were wiped out while some of the latter remained.

Ageing is a disease and is curable? Do you really wish to be some sort of person who does not age? How long does something feel good? Only until it’s done in a regulated way (have 2 kgs of your favourite ice cream?) because of the peculiar property of the neurons of adaptation or desensitization. Do you really want to live forever in the same phase and not know or experience anything new even if you no longer like it and you grew tired of it? Guess not but yeah immortality is still cool right?

Sorry Darwin we failed you … we failed us


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