Crossbody Bags: The New Fashion Statement

crossbody bags for women

Crossbody bags for women are mostly bags that are supposed to be worn on one side of the body, diagonally across the chest, with the strap/handle rung over the shoulder. There are so many types of crossbody bags for women that it’s impossible to pick one. Apart from being super comfortable and easy to carry, even for long durations, they also allow for a lot of versatility in their usage. They aren’t uncomfortable like bags with short straps in seasons like winter, when you are wearing layers, and they aren’t amateurish like backpacks. Crossbody bags can be spacious or fancy, depending on the kind of occasion it is, and how you’ll be using the kit. Crossbody bags for women aren’t a new fad. They were famous for a long time before they were flushed out by other kinds of purses and bags. However, they have made a comeback, and it seems like they are here to stay!

Types of crossbody bags for women include: 

  • Crossbody sling bagcrossbody sling bag

The crossbody sling bag is perfect for running errands, going shopping or hanging out without too much stuff. They come in all sizes and can be functional and chic.

  • Crossbody satchelcrossbody bags satchel

Crossbody satchels are heaven-sent. They are somewhere between the everyday purse and a sturdy laptop bag. Crossbody satchels help carry bulky laptops also with much ease. It’s an excellent option for working moms who wish to keep their hands free.

  • Crossbody quilted bags

The quilted bags have always been a fashion statement. With quilted bags now coming with crossbody straps, they can be more functional and hassle-free as compared to the one-shoulder straps on the side that would slip-off your shoulder now and then.

  • Crossbody clutch

Clutches are meant for when you wish to carry only the most essential items to a fancy event. When you’re all dressed up, it doesn’t look good if you carry heavy bags. Crossbody clutches allow you to attend the event in style, without giving up your comfort. They are a must-have item when it comes to crossbody bags for women.crossbody bag clutch for women

  • Crossbody hobo bags

Crossbody hobo bags are big enough to be functional but not as extensive as tote bags or laptop bags. They add a lot more oomph than your usual totes or shoulder bags.

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