Crazy, stupid love

What is the one thing that is being hyped a lot? No, it’s not Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3. Nor is it Babaji’s chamatkari power of turning lemons into pumpkins. It’s something you feel when your hormones are misbehaving. It’s tender, teenage love.
You grow up listening to fairy tales and watching hundreds of chick flicks with happily ever after endings. You wait for a Prince Charming to come by, not on a white horse, but in a white Audi A4. (Anything bigger, most welcome!) You prepare a list of characteristics your guy must have, which includes broad shoulders without fail. You add more to the list soon after finishing a nice romantic novel. You don’t care to think for a moment that the books you read are all pure fiction, your favourite being a fantasy involving a sparkling vampire and a hot werewolf.
Your guy must be tall, dark and handsome. You feel repulsed at the sight of someone who is a little shorter than 6 feet. You want your man to have bulky muscles and would like him to pick you up into his arms once in a while. If he loves you, he will learn to ignore those extra kilos you keep gaining because of your love for anything that is sweet. You want him to comfort you when you are crying because your toenail is almost about to break. You want him to be the smartest person you know, someone who you can trust in all matters of life, be it college assignments or bank accounts. You want him to take you to exotic tourist destinations and spend all his free time with you. You want him to be a football player (‘Players’ in the literal sense of the word only, other kind strictly not entertained). Penalty shots are so much more fun to watch when your guy is in the game. You want him to sing you to sleep every night. You want to flaunt his perfection to your friends and make them envious.
You want a Mr.Perfect. You want an all in one package where you strike the best deal. You spin dreams into a beautiful spider web from which you can’t free yourself, no matter how hard you try to get back to reality. You are in love with the idea of being in love. You want his flawless-ness to make your life perfect.
But when someone’s in love, there is no good or bad. It just happens and you don’t know when you fall neck deep into it. You fall in love with the neighbour’s son, knowing he’s of a different faith. You fall in love with a sweet chauffeur who can never afford buying those Jimmy Choo platforms you are used to. You fall in love with a don, knowing it is a very dangerous affair. You realise that when you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.
The love you have for that person need not be rational. He makes you feel complete as a person. Both of you are not perfect but your shortcomings are nullified when you are together. There may be many problems and life might not be a bed of roses after falling in love but you find happiness in being with each other. You grasp the fact that love is not ticking favourable aspects off a checklist.
And by the time you understand the complete, true meaning of love, wouldn’t you have a baby daughter who would have started objectifying her perfect Prince Charming? Wouldn’t she have started making a Buckingham palace in the air already?

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