Crazy Arsenal Lose to Blackburn

Arsene Wenger Gestures after his team concedes an own goal against Blackburn
Arsene Wenger Gestures after his team concedes an own goal against Blackburn

Blackburn 4, Arsenal 3 – Newcomer Yakubu scored two goals for the Rovers. The Gunners put two into their own net. Nevertheless, Blackburn gets their first win of the season, and they are out of the relegation zone!

 When a team loses 8-2 to Manchester United, you can understand that. But when you lose 4-3 to a team that is facing relegation, the wheels have fallen off from under you! That’s what happened today to Arsenal, when they took on Blackburn and helped their opponents with two own goals.

Arsene wenger gestures after his team concedes an own goal against blackburn
Arsene Wenger Gestures After His Team Concedes An Own Goal Against Blackburn

The fans at Tottenham fans must be overjoyed tonight, what with the Arsenal fortune going from bad to worse. When, the defence falls apart so badly as it did against Blackburn tonight, any question of luck goes out of the window. Especially, this defeat puts into stark perspective, cries of bad luck that followed the Champions League draw against Dortmund earlier in the week.

Arsene Wenger, as always, moaned and cried in anguish about the refereeing in today’s game, but the truth is that he has been central to the plight of Arsenal this season. When two of Blackburn’s goals were scored by Arsenal themselves it shows the pitiful fall of a once fearless team.  The secret weapon, Mertesacker has been brought in to the Arsenal defence but the German is nothing special, and even Adams would struggle to lead these uninspired bunch of footballers to a clean sheet.

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