Cracking the Manipal ENAT

Passing certain entrance exams is the first step to getting admitted into an undergraduate college. The aim of this article is to give you a brief overview about what you need to know to crack one such exam – the Manipal ENAT. The MIT (the ‘M’ here, unfortunately does not stand for Massachusetts) entrance exam is completely computerized and is conducted online although you will have to go to a specific center near you to give the test. The Manipal ENAT entrance exam consists of four subjects – Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and English all combined into one 3 hour online test.


The English test scrutinizes your language skills in English. It is a basic test of grammar and comprehension. And it is very basic. Nothing fancy. And don’t even think about wasting time on solving Wren & Martin or any such book for preparation of this cause if you don’t know this much English, then you probably won’t understand the Science questions even. This is possibly the highest scoring part of the exam due its plainness and simplicity.


The Maths test consists of a huge syllabus ranging from Number Theory to Calculus. The syllabus consists of the 11th and 12th standard portions mainly from both CBSE and ISC. Mathematics is not very difficult to deal with if your basics are strong and/or if you are already ready for the IITs or AIEEE.


For Physics and Chemistry, books recommended are NCERT and ISC text books for 11th and 12th standards. Students who undertook coaching for entrances like IIT-JEE and AIEEE shouldn’t find this part of the exam that difficult.

Questions are very basic and certainly not on the same level as the ones in IITs or AIEEE or BITSAT.

Since this section of the exam consists 50% of the total marks good revision at the end is suggested as the questions that are asked aren’t too challenging.

The exam is quite easy for all the students who are well prepared. One thing about the MIT exam is the vastness of its syllabus. There is as such no need for detailed study for this exam but extensive and expansive reading is required.

Since there are many questions to answer, and the duration of the examination is for 3 hours, time management is of utmost importance. Answering as many questions as possible is a prerequisite to cracking this exam as there is no negative marking. Hence this is an exam in which taking chances can prove to be helpful. As this is an objective exam intelligent guesswork and short cut methods can fetch you the right answer fast. Wasting precious time on tough questions is not recommended in this exam.

During the Manipal ENAT Online Exam:

Almost certainly you won’t be able to solve the entire paper. So be mentally prepared to mark questions at the end all the same option (make a choice of which option you are going to mark all the questions leftover at the end based on which option is your most frequent answer which you are sure is correct – A,B,C,D).

Keeping a cool mind, avoiding silly mistakes (especially in English – most marks come from here!) and being fast (very fast) right from the beginning of the paper is the key to cracking the Manipal ENAT paper.

P.S. Unlike other online entrance exams, extra rough sheets are available in this one.

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