Cracker show

Festival lovers of manipal university has no past history of missing an opportunity to enjoy.Diwali, Probably the biggest festival of India, is no exception.Basically its a family festival but since the trend of giving big vacation in Diwali is on decrease, more number of students have to stay in the campus and so campus celebrations are getting higher.

Diwali is the last day of Hindi calender year and so wide spread celebrations take place all over the India.Fire crackers and candles are the center of attraction of Diwali.This trend was initiated to convey some message like saying good bye to the finished successful year and welcome the new one with bright light.Well, the theme of use of crackers and candles may not be known to many but still they enjoy it with the same enthusiasm or probably even more.

A similar kind of a picture was seen in the central lawn of manipal university popularly known as KMC Greens on 8th of November.A fire cracker show was arranged between 6 30 to 7 30 in the evening.The show was amazing.Mainly rockets which 1st try to penetrate the sky ultimately blast with a big bang and lighten the sky for a while.To my knowledge crackers worth rs 60, 000 were used!And it was worth it

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