Mindfull 1
Health & Fitness


How ‘Mindful’ of things are you? Most of us just get through the day by existing. Our lives have become so fast-paced, that we don’t stop to reflect and recollect on ourselves. We’ve forgotten how to be mindful of ourselves

The moon of hope 2
Art & Literature

The Moon of Hope

Ever-present; but always full of craters. Ever-present; but always just a little out of reach. Ever-present, but sometimes hidden from plain sight. Ever-present; but not always full. Ever-present; but often clouded by white and grey minds. Ever-present; but at times

Fitness- mental and physical 3

Fitness- Mental and Physical

Physical fitness is one of the essential assets for sportspeople. They spend a lot of time, effort, and money (if their status permits) to keep their bodies fit. They need themselves to be fit enough to play their sport without


The Bandhan of Rakhi

No one knows how bonds are made. Some take effort, some happen instantly, some are formed through blood, and some are developed through stories and journeys. But no matter how these bonds are formed or what type they are, they