Cheaper Alternatives For Education During This Pandemic

Education during pandemic

Nothing can stop the continuing price hike of academic costs, even an ongoing pandemic that has plagued the world. Hence, people are looking for more convenient and cheaper alternatives to getting academic recognition, like buying college degrees online.

In the United States alone, at least 30 elite universities maintain their initial plan to increase tuition fees. According to a Forbes article, students of Ivy League Yale University will have to endure a 4% increase compared to last year’s admission expenses, which now amounts to almost $57,000. Not only that, but other of its co-elite colleges like Harvard University and Brown University, are also demanding higher school fees despite experiencing a significant increase in an endowment.

Now, a notable amount of students have been complaining and voicing their opinions on such indifference. For them, paying the same tuition fee for online schooling is not worth it. Besides, most of the expenses account for the physical university experience.

College admission trends in 2020

Many people are discouraged from attending higher education studies more than ever. Aside from the unreasonably expensive costs, there is also the fear of catching the sickly virus that takes thousands of lives every day.

Due to that, college enrollment, according to the American Council on Education, is expected to drop by 15% for the next academic year as US universities are experiencing a major decline in undergraduate admission. But it is international students who are most greatly affected by this inconvenience. Most of them cannot travel to their preferred institutions in the US due to local and international restrictions.

The problem is that education cannot be put on hold as it entails such an important role in every person’s life. If people refrain from earning academic recognition, they will face a lot of setbacks not only for personal growth but also for their future.

Also, having a degree or being a university graduate is one of the most basic or standard requirements for job acquisition. Meaning, it would be hard for you to start a career without a diploma. Yes, you can start your own business instead. But given how the pandemic also butchered economies, opening up a commercial venture may be risky.

Because of that, those who are able to afford to continue enrolling in universities opt to do so online. Hence, an increasing trend in online and off-shore admissions as schools migrate to web-based faculties. However, not every degree program can fully transition to distance learning solutions. Some industries still require physical training as part of their coursework demands.

Also, despite the virtual transition, only a few universities are offering lesser tuition fees. As mentioned, prestigious institutions continue to raise costs despite higher endowment grants and cutting expenses on labor and resources. That said, even enrolling in an online degree program may not be the most practical means of learning at the time being.

How to get affordable college degrees online?

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The average annual tuition fee in the United States is around $50,000, which means that students will have to spend more than $100,000 to complete a four-year degree program and earn an undergraduate diploma. What is even more alarming is that academic costs are never deterring when it comes to increasing. Meaning, every year, these numbers could go significantly higher than the year before.

College education has always been on top of the pedestal of achievements. However, due to the inconveniences the world is currently experiencing, many people think that earning a degree is no longer a worthy investment. Besides, even the job industry is currently negatively affected by the pandemic, leaving a worrying number of unemployed individuals.

But, earning college degrees should continue to be amongst everyone’s priorities. True enough, employment opportunities are lesser, but there are still companies that have job openings. And if you want to stand out and better your chances of finding new employment, a university diploma is the most advantageous tool to have.

There are some courses that can enable you to have a good chance of landing jobs. For example, Core courses in quantity surveying will teach you vital digital skills such as Computer-Aided Drawing (CAD), computer modeling of buildings (BIM, Augmented, and Virtual Reality).

Given the decline in most people’s fiscal status, one might be worried about not having enough means to invest in higher education. Do not worry. You do not have to stress much about expensive university charges. Below are some affordable ways of getting a college degree online:

Start with an Associate’s degree

Contrary to what most people believe, college degrees are not only earned through four years of schooling. There are kinds of undergraduate academic recognition that you can achieve in just two years, which are Associate’s degrees.

An Associate’s degree is a valid post-secondary academic recognition that you can get through a two-year degree program. It technically translates to the two initial years of a Bachelor’s degree program.

Hence, you can choose a vocational degree in various industries focusing on career preparation. You can also opt to select a program not requiring any major but focusing on core general subjects. Either way, you will earn transferable credits that you can use for future educational pursuits or have a valid college diploma for employment.

Enroll in an accelerated degree program

On the other hand, if you want a full-fledged Bachelor’s degree, you should enroll in accelerated degree programs. These are course offerings often found in online educational platforms of many universities, strategically designed for those who want a convenient and accessible learning experience.

Accelerated degree programs are the perfect alternative to traditional undergraduate and graduate degrees. Some schools provide Bachelor’s degrees through a 120-credit, two-year academic schedule. Others will let you earn two diplomas in four years, wherein you will spend the first two years on a Bachelor’s and the other two for a Master’s degree.

The very foundation of accelerated degree programs is its dense and fast-paced curriculum. Also, students enrolled in such classes have the liberty to choose their schedule and subjects to take. Despite all this, accelerated degrees offer the same academic value as their traditional counterparts. Therefore, you can use them as you would a traditional degree.

Find an authentic degree seller

Meanwhile, those looking for a more instant solution to unexpected problems in their careers could instead purchase a diploma online. This is the best option to take if you do not have enough time on your hands to get a college degree.

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Ordering a diploma from degree sellers often has a negative connotation. People think that this way of earning academic recognition is illegal. However, that is only true if you fail to choose the right degree provider.

The key to finding an authentic degree seller is looking for a website with official partner universities. In which these schools must have accreditation and physical campuses. In this way, you can guarantee that you will receive a valid diploma coming straight from real academic institutions. Take, for example. It is a website that lets you earn a college degree with transcripts from accredited universities in just a few weeks for a reasonable price.

All of the documents that come along with your diploma order will go through legalization and verification processes. Meaning, lawyers, real school officials, and government bodies certify the validity of your degree. Therefore, it will safely appear on background checks and be safe to use for either employment or academic opportunities.

Aside from these, the internet is full of options when it comes to remote schooling. There are also some schools that let you earn certificates through short courses online. Therefore, you should not be discouraged from pursuing higher education studies simply because you do not have enough time or money. 

Why choose alternative learning solutions?

More and more individuals are steering away from traditional schooling. This is because conventional learning solutions are no longer practical in a modern setting. Besides, the truth is the industry is quite constricting in terms of providing an innovative system. Most brick-and-mortar universities still rely on the same lyceum system introduced hundreds of years ago. And most institutions treat students like empty piggy banks that need to be filled up with knowledge.

However, learning is not exclusive to stuffing empty heads with information. Besides, tests and exams promote nothing but memorization. Meaning, the way of learning that most people are familiar with does not necessarily guarantee that students obtain essential knowledge. Not to mention, many students complain that there is a lack of career-essential skills to be learned at school.

Aside from that, here are more reasons why you should opt for alternative learning solutions:

Enjoyable academic experience

Nothing beats the communal experience on-campus learning has to offer. But, with the health risks surrounding every nation, it is better to stay indoors with fewer people around as much as possible.

Also, online educational provisions offer a more enjoyable learning experience. For example, students enrolled in physical courses can have multiple distractions during class, like noisy coursemates or a professor who discusses things too fast.

In a virtual setting, the common drawbacks of traditional schooling are not present. There are no distracting noises or hard-to-follow lectures. Technically, you will learn independently at your convenience. Therefore, decreasing the risk of experiencing burnout, thus giving you more motivation to finish your course.

Convenience and control

The core foundation of every online program is convenience and accessibility. Those who earn their diplomas online have more control over their studies. As previously mentioned, most web-based faculties let students define their schedules. Meaning, they can begin and end a class whenever and wherever they want. Hence, they can learn at their own pace and have a better understanding of their course materials.

Cost-efficient alternative

Since most online degree programs offer a fast-paced curriculum, your time spent in schooling will significantly decrease. Instead of four years of education for one degree, you can earn two or more through cheaper alternatives to college degrees.

Aside from that, less time in school means that you have less financial responsibilities for academic costs. You can allocate more of your money to other opportunities, investments, and other important matters. It generally paves the way for a more cost-efficient scholarly journey.

To put it simply, enrolling in alternative learning solutions is cheaper and more convenient. It is also safer given the current situation of the world today. Aside from that, you will have full control of your learning experience. Therefore, increasing your productivity and thus yielding to better academic standing.

Benefits of having a college degree

There is a considerable amount of famous college dropouts who later on became billionaires. Most of them are tech giants, including Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates. However, do note that they are, indeed, college dropouts. Meaning, at some point in their lives, they received higher education.

Their time spent in university allowed these tech moguls to have enough foundation for their careers. Yes, they did not finish their programs and earned a diploma. But, they used all their academic experience to get to where they are. Thus, the importance of higher education.

On that note, listed below are more ways you can use a college degree to your advantage:

Increase your income incentives

Degree holders gain $30,000 more than those who do not have college degrees. According to Forbes, 84% of the richest 400 individuals in the United States have at least a Bachelor’s degree. This just goes to show that you can use your college degree to have better salary grades.

Degree holders earn more than others because their skills and knowledge are considered more valuable. This is because employers have documented proof to guarantee the expertise of these employees. Therefore, if you want to have more income, having a degree can be your advantage.

Discover better employment opportunities

Since degree holders are more valuable members of the workforce, their expertise is more in-demand. Meaning, you can use your college diploma to stand out during job acquisition. This is because employers prefer college graduates over other applicants, especially if they are from top universities or at least an accredited academic institution. That said, your diploma will help you land better employment opportunities at established companies. Thus, enhancing your employer-employee benefits.

Fast-track your career growth

Every professional yearns for career growth. However, only a few people achieve this in the entirety of their professional life. Most of them think that the key to promotion is staying loyal to your company while displaying the best productive outcomes. However, that is not always the case. What some people are lacking is a boost in their credentials, like having higher education academic recognition.

Remember, a college degree always comes with a transcript of records. These are essential documents that will help your employer understand the depth of your expertise. Therefore, they can know which position in the company is most suitable for you. Hence, if you have an impressive academic background, they will most likely appoint you to higher ranks.

As you can see, having a diploma offers significant advantages to one’s career. That is why one should not be stopped from pursuing higher education. If not, you will miss a lot of opportunities that could have possibly led you to a thriving life as a professional.

On that note, even a worldwide health crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic should not deter your scholarly pursuits. There are unlimited options and cheaper alternatives online that you could take in the absence of traditional learning provisions. And the best of them all is to buy a college degree online.

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