India’s Post-Covid Job Market

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After the country was ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic, and the delta variant that emerged last October, India’s economy is steadily recovering, offering a glimmer of hope for those in the job market.

India has one of the fastest-growing job markets worldwide, and though shutdowns across the country caused dips, that has not changed the rate of job growth. With new technologies and industries emerging during and after the pandemic, trained professionals have more choices than ever for high-paying jobs.

With so much moving online, congress is rediscovering itself by considering propping up and helping new digital industries emerge. Digital innovators are always necessary. From programming to game development to IT and cybersecurity, apps and companies are more in need than ever.

New Digital Innovation in Gaming and Apps

job market man playing on laptopFor example, app development is huge. From games to shopping applications or membership apps from certain companies, those trained in writing these necessary codes can always find work. Throughout India and elsewhere in the world, casino gaming companies, video game providers, and computer game developers are always hiring and will continue to, as the popularity of digital gaming spreads.

Though video game consoles are not yet in every home in India, they soon will be. Until then, it turns out that our citizens play more cell phone games than almost anywhere else. Congress is working on regulations for cell phone apps to make sure they’re safe and usable, but certain games and apps remain popular whatever the laws may be.

IT and Cybersecurity Speeding Forward

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When stores and businesses had to close their doors for so much time, the populace was able to quickly adapt to online life. However, not all apps and websites that are used for telecommute work were ready for the overloads, or the amount of security necessary to keep client files and other sensitive information safe. Doctors, lawyers, investment bankers, advertising companies, and other giant industries have begun to make do with working online, allowing their employees to stay safe.

While some companies were not used to digital life, this pandemic has forced even the small independently-owned companies to become digitally literate, often with apps that allow them to chat with employees and create assignments. With all of this happening, IT and those who understand cybersecurity, website hosting, and site maintenance are going to become indispensable.

With so many companies looking for these positions, expect it to grow into an even larger industry to support the large population of businesses in India.

Medical and Healthcare Digital Jobs

Medicine and medical careers have always been considered a top job in the country, but the digital age has opened up more opportunities for individuals that aren’t just doctors and nurses. With many private offices seeing patients over skype and online, as well as sending doctors door-to-door more often, this has resulted in massive digital needs for the medical fields.

From offices to hospitals or even private doctors, patient documents must be understood, sorted, and stored, digital communications are necessary to understand, as well as medical billing companies seeing a surge. For those with digital skills, entering the medical field as it is growing in a new way is an excellent idea. It is like getting in on the ground floor, leaving you room to develop along with the technologies in this field.

There are many high-paying industries for individuals, and those sectors will also continue to grow. However, graduates and those in the job market post the pandemic should keep in mind that there will be new industries continuing to grow, due to the massive overhauls and changes that have happened in the last two years. Considering new markets, new ways of doing things in the professional sphere will always lead to innovations — and that means there is new room for innovators.

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