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Where is My Childhood A Poem by Praneeth Madhira 1

This is a long story, that I will tell you slowly,
There was a narrow lane, that everyone found vain,
But one day some children came, and started playing a cricket game,
They enjoyed the silence there, the place was no more in despair,
Day by day the crowd grew, more and more children flew,
They got a wide space to play, some played cricket, some with clay,
Some came there to stroll, some played handball,
Each group had a different game, only their land was same,
It attracted the ice-cream stalls, vendors came to sell balls,
The children’s footsteps were so soothing, that the rough land started smoothing,
Slowly, for children there were stops, with the setting up of new shops,
This barren land was in strain, the children brought it lots of gain,
And soon there was a new juncture, that changed the entire picture,
Offices, clubs, lawns stood up there, there were structures and buildings but no players …

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