Freshers’ Diary: Unmaad ’19

Cultural fest Unmaad 2019 is one experience we MITians will cherish for a long time! To learn that IIM-Bangalore is where the shoot of the movie ‘3 Idiots’ took place made it more fascinating. “Unmaad” means crazy, insane or hysteria,


The ‘Mela’

‘Unity in Diversity’, is always the tagline given to our motherland. One of the prominent examples to prove this tagline is the Kumbh Mela. This Mela that repeats for every three years, is arguably the largest religious festival, attended by


Delhi Heights

Sombre December winters turned out to be vibrant with Delhi vacation. My highly awaited Delhi trip took its course when my mom informed me about our flight bookings. The excitement and planning of meeting good old school friends, relatives, shopping


Once Upon a Time: Mumbai

Article by Pashchima Kamal and Ankit Choraria. The fashion capital, the commercial powerhouse, the bollywood hub, Mumbai is known by quite a few such names. It is this multifaceted persona that attracts people to the city for various reasons. Some


Spotlight: Jamshedpur

When we come to Manipal, most of us meet people from all parts of India and the world. We make friends from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and… Jamshedpur! I’m sure you’ve heard of that city before. ManipalBlog brings to you an