Junnar: A Land Beyond Cities

90 km north of Pune, a land of scenic splendour coexists with its anonymity. In the womb of western ghats where lush green woods guide the ways and mountains kiss the sky, the place is nothing short of a paradise.


The Metro with Magic – Mysore

I was finally travelling. Keeping my projects and presentations aside, I was on a trip to Mysore. Can it be any better? Coincidentally, I got free from my office work exactly at the beginning of Navaratri. Mysore is well known


Kuala Lumpur Landmark

Tucked away practically in the middle of Kuala Lumpur is a hidden gem with a legacy dating back to 14th August 1893. The school building was designed by the renowned architectural firm of Swan and McLaren. It has a main


Gorgeous beaches in Karnataka

Are you planning a beach holiday in Karnataka? With the Arabian Sea to its west, this state has a long coastline of 320km dotted by some of the best beaches in India. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, foodie or nature


10 Travel Tips for the Gimpy by a Gimpy

Broken legs, joint replacements, strokes, muscular diseases, heart problem, bad knees are but a few of the reasons for the gimpy travelers. Traveling is fun, tiring and educational for everyone. Those who have physical limitations, either permanent or temporary can