Burgers and Fried Chicken in Mangalore

Burgers, fries and coke. Some say it’s the ultimate fast food!
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Burgers, fries and coke. Some say it’s the ultimate fast food, and I’m going to take you through the best (and worst) of Mangalore’s burger and fried chicken joints.

We’ll start with KFC, the food is “finger lickin’ good”, but it is a little heavy on the wallet. Mangala Bar and Restaurant is located in Kankannady, a short walk from Kapri, and their signature burger called the “Freddie” is truly amazing. You can choose between the chicken, pork, beef and fish burgers, and yes, there is a vegetarian one too. Personally, I’d recommend the “Phat Freddie” which comes with extra cheese and bacon. At around Rs.100-130 for a burger, it is a little heavy on the wallet, but I’d say it’s worth the price.

Fast Food in Mangalore
Burgers, fries and coke. Some say it’s the ultimate fast food!

Next we have Prax, near Natural Ice-creams in Kadri. It’s a small place, but the burgers are very good. The only glitch is they don’t always have what’s on the menu. It’s light on the wallet ,at around Rs.60-70 for a burger.

“Chefs” is pretty well known for their Chinese food, but they do serve up a decent burger. For those of you who love sea food, I’d recommend the chilly squid burger. Moderately priced at around Rs.80, the downside is the bun tends to be sweet which might put you off.

Right opposite Nandagiri hostel is “McRollers”. For Rs.50 you can get a burger, fries and coke which is a real steal in my opinion. The burgers are decent, though the ambience isn’t very welcoming.

ChicKing is a rip-off of KFC, at City Centre Mall and Empire Mall. It’s just as expensive as KFC and not as good, so those of you who haven’t been there yet, don’t bother.

Name Food Ambience Price
KFC 9 8 6.5
Mangala 9 8 6.5
Prax 7.5 4 8
Chef’s 7.5 7 8
McRollers 7 4 9
Chicking 6.5 7.5 6.5
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A few new joints, namely HOT BITEZ (formerly Bangs fried chicken) and HOT CHIX offer KFC-like combos and chicken buckets at reasonable prices as well. I’d recommend our Bejai readers especially to try out HOT BITEZ, located conveniently behind Deepa Comforts.

HOT CHIX is in Valencia and a 2 minute ride away from Kapri. Using local fresh succulent buns, they cut on the prices and give you an experience that’s relatively light on the pocket and filling.
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This is a guest post by Rohit Shenoy. He is a student at the Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore. This Article was first published in the KMC Mangalore student newsletter Black White and Moron, Issue 4.

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