Movie Review: Blackmail

Indian Cinema has been the flag-bearer of action, drama and thrillers. Pure dramatics has become the quite obvious factor of Bollywood, keeping the blockbuster films in mind. Basically, it is not what the directors tend to produce but exactly what appeals the eyes of the audience. Streaming through the Indian film industry as the concoction of drama and thrill, comes another flick all set to accentuate the filmy souls.

After entertaining his fans for years with amazing storylines of Paan Singh Tomar, Hindi Medium, Madaari and a lot more; Irrfan Khan is back with another dramatic mystery named Blackmail to excite the masses. This movie revolves around the life of a toilet paper salesman and how his simple life turns into a series of horrendous actions. Kirti Kulhari plays the wife of Dev (Irrfan Khan) whose adultery results into a couple of instances that builds the overall drama in the movie. Apart from all the critic reviews, Blackmail comes out to be a one time watch movie. Equip some ticket new movie offers and witness the crazy yet dark side of the regular man.

Rating- Blackmail has bagged an overall rating of 7.4 out of 10 on IMDb and 2/5 stars on The Indian Express.

Star cast- Irrfan Khan as Dev, Kirti Kulhari as Reena Kaushal, Arunoday Singh as Ranjit “Tommy”, Divya Dutta as Dolly Verma.

Director-  Abhinay Deo

Reviews of the Critics:

Films have been made and gone unacknowledged after being influenced by the critic reviews. It is very important for a film to be marked positive by the critics in order to create a benchmark in the industry. Here is an overview of some recognized critic reviews which might alter the overall performance of the film on box-office:

The Times of India has given Blackmail 1 out of 5 stars stating that seems as a blatant remake of Emran Hashmi’s Zeher which comes as an indirect copy of a Hollywood Movie.

Sweta Kaushal from The Hindustan Times claims that Blackmail is realistic story of an everyday man which is enhanced by the engaging performance of Irrfan Khan and Divya Dutt. It counters a plot which is quite unexpected delivering better situations as far as the suspense in concerned. Moreover, the characters in the movie tend to delight the mood of audience with situational comic reactions & dialogues.

NDTV entertainment gives 1.5 stars our of 5 making it a below average movie. Raja Sen, from NDTV, states that Irrfan Khan seems incapable to portraying a bad character and Abhinay Deo’s direction fails to bring out the true character out of Irrfan.

Apparently, the movie fails to create a benchmark with regards to the Bollywood requirements but certainly, Irafan’s fans are going to love the character’s dark side. It is exciting to see how the average society salesman turns into a desperate seeker of revenge against his wife.

Blackmail Movie full plot and story:

Blackmail is the movie which satisfies the truest essence of Bollywood hits. Here, the audience gets to see a perfect amalgamation of Drama, Mystery, Suspense and Thrill. One evening Dev (Irffan Khan), the toilet paper salesman decides to tingle up his mundane and mainstream married life, returning home early with roses for Reema (Kirti Kulhari). As he reaches home he is encountered with, what was not at all expected, his wife making love to some other man. Shook to the infidelity of his wife, Dev decides to trigger them by blackmailing them to some hideous yet hilarious situations.

Although, Dev thinks of killing his wife at first but then settles with a rather more realistic idea of blackmailing her boyfriend Ranjit “Tommy” (Arunoday Singh) for money. It is quite funny to see that Dev is actually asking for money which subsequently pays his EMI and for the regular household expenses! What a Blackmailer!!

It is interesting to see how Dev plays a dual character where he is Meek and innocent in front of everyone else and on the other hand, he is the same man who is wicked enough to blackmail his own wife. Dev is also picturized as the kinky guy stealing the pictures of everyone’s wives from their table and fantasizing about them (masturbating, to be specific). Complementing the character of Dev, Divya Dutta (Dolly Verma) plays the wife of Arunoday Singh keeps the tract of being a parallel portrayal to Dev.

Besides this, Omi Vaidya plays the boss of Irrfan Khan and is dedicated to adding that funny part in the movie. His dialogues such as, “Jet spray, typical middle-class invention it’s disgusting! Aim hi karte raho!”, are so realistically humorous that the audience cannot stop sensing the fun part.

Blackmail- Direction and Music Review:

Abhinay Deo directed this dark drama which ensembled some talented actors from Bollywood such as Irrfan Khan, Kirti Kulhari, Arunoday Singh, Divya Dutta and Omi Vaidya. Deo is a Director and a producer in Bollywood popularly known for his hit flick Delhi Belly. Blackmail is apparently his movie which failed to interest many critics as it received a lukewarm response since the release. The overall cinematography seems very sloppy with dull colours and poor lighting. The director also stuns us with shady scenes of Irrfan Khan masturbating to pictures of his colleague’s wives.

The dramatic movie is executed with the production team of Abhinay Deo, Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar Dua. Also, the music of the movie is carved by Amit Trivedi who is well known for his masterpieces in the field.

Blackmail’s music album comprises of 6 songs where four of them are sung by Amit Trivedi and the other two by Badshah & Guru Randhawa. ‘Happy Happy’ is a peppy number by Badshah which interests the audience making them go GaGa on the beats. This song comprises of the, “Abhi toh party shuru hui hai”, duo of Baadshah and Aastha Gill. “Patola” comes to be the next song which is a Guru Randhawa song. But, the essence of the original Patola seemed to be missing somewhere.

As a complete gift package, “Bewafa Beauty’ is the item number performed by Urmila Matondkar as her come back song. This bollywood number is sung by Pawni Pandey and created by Amit Trivedi & Amitabh Bhattacharya. The Amit-Amitabh duo is famous for the stunners like Dev D, I am, Aisha, Ghanchakkar and more. Other songs like Badla also gets recognized with the melodious voice of Amit Trivedi himself.

Box Office Collection of Blackmail movie:

The film Blackmail was released on 08th April 2018 and has bagged not so good reviews from the critics.

This movie opened the collections of 2.5 Crores in the first week and landed to 14.55 crores in total. According to the reviews of other Irrfan Khan starrers, Blackmail failed to give him what the actor deserves. Supposedly, Khan could not justify his character as Dev.

Despite the mixed critic reviews and lukewarm response from the audience, Blackmail is full of that cliché drama which comes as a sole demand of the masses. All the Irrfan fans must watch out for this crazy yet dark flick in the nearest theatres. As a whole, the movie is a one-time watch as the usual incredible actor puts forward another step in creating a character which sums up the unexpected in an everyday man.

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