The Bikerni: Association of Female Bikers-India

Check there facebook page here.  I’ve ALWAYS encouraged female riders.  Have even taught a couple of ladies how to ride bikes some time back.
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I hate how girls like to say “ can I ride a bike”.  I LOVE it when some of them step outside of their comfort zone to ride.

I’ll be honest, there is NOTHING sexier then watching a a bike being driven by a hot girl.  It’s like 400 x infinity bonus points!!!

An Indian girls are usually too happy with their scooty’s (or cars’) to step on a motorcycle.  This just shows the confidence that the newer generation is coming with.  I’d love to see them grow and add tons of new riders.

I’m so passionate about motorcycles as is and to have a partner that I can go riding with on her own bike..that is just priceless.  Pillion just doesn’t do justice after a while.

My favourite part of their intro

We believe that biking is source to nirvana and at the same time brings the adrenaline rushing into our veins. Don’t mess with us, you will only see dust far ahead in front of you

Hat’s off ladies!  Awesome!


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