From London to the tropics – exotic destinations at British Airways

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If you’re interested in direct flights to exotic countries, you’ll find them at British Airways. When can you fly directly from London?

Travels to exotic destinations are particularly popular in the wintertime when the lack of sun and low temperatures take their toll in most European cities. You can fly to the Caribbean or Africa as part of trips from a travel agency or opt for a much more interesting journey of your own.


British Airways flies from London to Bridgetown, Barbados all year round. The weather on the island is tremendous, especially in the dry season which lasts from November till May. The tropical climate of Barbados, paradise beaches and warm ocean waters provide ideal conditions for sunbathing and water sports. In Bridgetown, you can visit the historic part of the city and the nearby military garrison included in the list of world heritage sites. Tourists can also admire places where the singer Rihanna grew up. Interestingly, the city lies only 1 m above sea level, which is why you can admire the magnificent panorama of the Caribbean Sea from the entire area.

The British Airways flight to Barbados from London takes about 9 hours


Jamaica is another exotic destination from the British Airways offer. From London, you fly directly to Kingston, which is the Mecca of reggae enthusiasts and houses the Bob Marley Museum. Kingston is the capital of Jamaica, where one of the ten largest ports in the world was built. In its vicinity, there will be beautiful beaches with soft, white sand and coves with azure waters. Each beach has excellent conditions for water sports and sailing on yachts or catamarans. Jamaica offers great relaxation all year round, thanks to the tropical, maritime climate of the island characterised by constant warm temperature and optimal humidity.


Ghana is still one of the less popular tourist destinations in Africa. However, the country is friendly to tourists, and the hospitality of the inhabitants and their openness to visitors from other continents is captivating. British Airways offers direct flights from London to Accra. The city is the capital of the state and also its largest seaport. Due to the small tourist infrastructure, the beach in Accra is poorly developed, however, walks along its banks and bathing in the waters of the Guinean Bay are a pleasure for many. During your stay in Ghana, it is worth going shopping at the Makola and Kaneshi markets.

Makola is a bazaar reigned by boutiques selling leather goods, gold and silver jewellery, pearls, ceramics and brass figurines. Kaneshi bazaar is a foodie’s paradise. There you will find local, fresh food and spices. You can also enjoy local food in street bars, or buy it directly from women who carry on their heads huge baskets filled with oranges, papayas or vegetables. After shopping, you can go for a walk to the Aburi Botanical Gardens.


British Airways flies from London to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The equatorial climate with abundant rainfall is not always conducive to relaxing in the fresh air, but southern Asia has something that will not be found anywhere else in the world. Tourists from all over the world arrive at Kuala Lumpur wanting to see the dynamic development of Malaysia which belongs to the Asian Tigers Group. The city has Petronas Towers, one of the tallest buildings in the world, as well as Menara Kuala Lumpur, a powerful communication tower.

Tourists can visit Malaysia’s largest department store, Suria KLCC, at Petronas Twin Towers. During your stay in the city, it is worth visiting Lake Gardens to 92 near the parliament where there are huge gardens. Masjid Negara, a mosque built in the postmodern style, is also a place worth seeing. You can also admire local cuisine at bargain prices on Jalan Alor Street.


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