Bike maintenance

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                                                                ii.      Tightened to prevent swiveling
      1. Tires inflated to 90% or pressure rating on the tire; be sure that the tires are not dry-rotted (from lack of use)
      2. Gears are in proper working order; take the bike out for a spin and be sure that the gears work (you will need to know how to shift – much easier to pedal comfortably throughout the trip); if not a bike shop can rectify the problem
                                                                    i.      Brake padsir?t=vishaalslair 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B000FSSMNE harden over time and should be replaced at minimal cost
        1. Seat is raised so that there is a slight knee bend when either pedal is in the down position
        2. Handle bars are adjusted for comfortable arm and back position
        3. Geared bicycles work best for a trip of longer distances. Attempting such rides with a BMX  is not a good idea.
        4. Shoes should be snug to prevent blistering and have enough grip to prevent slipping off the pedals.

        Riding techniques

          1. Rise slightly off the seat when encountering a big bump in the road, your lower spine and butt will appreciate it!
          2. Pass on the left only when the way is clear and after announcing your intent to pass (saying, “on the left” is the usual)
          3. Beware of the stop signs
          4. Beware of your surroundings
          5. Ride at your own pace

          Cycling pants

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          1. With chamois or wicktek insert for comfort (consult your local bike shop)
          2. Or compression shorts under regular shorts to prevent chafing

          Head protection (bicycle helmet – ANSI rated)

          Eye Protection

            1. For protection against debris and insects

            Cycling Gloves

              1. To prevent hand numbness and fatigue

              2 water bottles (there will be opportunities for refilling)

                1. one filled with Gatorade or like product
                2. one filled with water

                Eucerin Creamir?t=vishaalslair 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B001FB5IN2

                  1. Inner thigh protection against chafing (apply before the trip)
                  2. Apply to the feet to prevent possible blistering


                    1. For food purchase

                    Fanny pack or back pack (small and waterproof if possible)

                      1. To carry food products and snacks
                                                                                    i.      Bananas ( excellent source of potassium)
                      1.      Place bananas inside of plastic bag before placing in your backpack; bananas spoil very quickly and can create quite a mess.
                                                                                  ii.      Energy bars
                        1. Sun screen

                        Diet and hydration

                          1. Continue or begin hydration 3 days prior to ride at least 64 oz daily as a baseline
                          2. Eat foods rich in carbohydrates and potassium for energy conservation at least 3 days prior. There is not much added benefit carb-loading the day of the ride.

                          Dress appropriately for the weather. The ride may be cool in the morning and much warmer in the afternoon. You may want to consider dressing in layers; jacket-long sleeved shirt-short sleeved shirt.

                          Create your own exit strategy in the event that unexpected events occur or one is unable to complete the entire trip. Bring your cell phone if you can secure it.

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