Best Internet Deals To Get Rid Of Slow Internet 2021

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The demand for high-speed internet has increased dramatically over the past few years. This is primarily because HD and 4K streaming have become very popular. Also, the use of internet-enabled household devices is quite common today. To ensure all functions and activities on internet-connected devices are carried out smoothly, you need a fast and stable internet connection.

Keeping in view these needs of the users, ISPs have come up with new fast internet plans. Gigabit is the new standard for fast home internet. It offers speeds ten times faster than a super-fast broadband connection. Many providers have, therefore, come up with their respective gigabit plans, with the maximum download speeds they can offer. And to add more convenience, you can easily pay your monthly chargers online via options like Charter Spectrum net Billing. It’s a safe, secure, and quick process.

Many reliable ISPs are offering some of the best fast internet plans in the US. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Google Fiber (2-Gigabit Plan)

Google Fiber’s 1 Gigabit plan starts at $70 per month. It offers maximum download and upload speeds of 1Gbps. This gives you 100 times faster access than what most Americans usually have.

The ISP has gone one step further and introduced its 2-Gigabit plan. This starts with $100 per month. As the name suggests, the plan gas downloads speeds of up to 2Gbps while its uploads speeds go up to 1Gbps.

1Gbps is fast enough for a household that has online gamers, remote workers, and social media influencers. However, if you want to boost your connection speed further, the 2-gigabit plan is the answer. It only costs 5 cents per Mbps which is a far lesser rate than what most high-speed ISPs have.

Both the gigabit plans come without data caps and contracts. Besides, they do not charge you extra for the equipment. So given the favorable service terms, reasonable pricing, and fast speeds, Google Fiber’s gigabit internet plan is growing in demand.

 2. Optimum (1 Gigabit Plan)

Optimum is providing gigabit speeds at a significantly low rate. Just $45 for the first year, with a download speed of up to 940 Mbps. At the moment, the ISP offers one of the best gigabit internet deals in the market.

Optimum internet provides services in the greater New York City area. The pricing of plans varies according to location. For example, it was noticed that around Yorktown Heights, New York the plans were cheaper whereas in downtown it went up to $55 a month or more. But even that is quite reasonable!

The ISP not just offers one of the highest internet speeds but also comes with free installation, no contracts as well as no data caps. However, after the first year of service ends, the pricing goes up to the standard rates it’s offering.

3. Spectrum (Internet Gig)

The fastest internet plan that Spectrum offers is Internet Gig. It has download speeds that extend to as much as 940Mbps. However, the upload speed that the company advertises in its plan is only $35. The Spectrum gigabit plan is priced at $109.99 for the first year. This is not a bundled package and its rate would increase by $21 after the first twelve months. The package is suitable for households with multiple 4K UHD streamers.

During the pandemic, the company suspended in-home professional installation temporarily. However, that’s an option once again. The company also offers a kit with a guide that makes self-installation a breeze.

Spectrum provides unlimited data to its customers. So you don’t have to worry about tracking data usage for fear of buffering issues once you hit a limit. Also, the company does not charge you anything extra for the equipment it provides. This includes the self-installation kit as well as the modem.

4. Verison Fios (Gigabit Connection Plan)

The Verison Fios Gigabit plan is available for $80 per month. It offers upload speeds of up to 880Mbps with download speeds going up to 940Mbps. Although the company charges an equipment fee for its usual plans, Fios Gigabit connection subscribers get their equipment free of cost. There are no contract requirements or data caps either. And the equipment is not the only free offering of the gigabit plan.

The provider also offers incentives in the form of free service subscribers for new users or reward cards. As of now, it has a one-year free Discovery+ subscription for new gigabit plan users. The ISP is also known for its efficient customer service. The American analytics company J.D Power ranked Verison as the best ISP in the east region n terms of customer service.

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