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She’s a clever girl who knows that having pretty eyes is not all a matter of eye makeup but also of possessing rested, clear, and sparkling peepers. She realizes what gives her eyes that incredible, lustrous shine, and you should, too. It takes plenty of sleep, a sensible diet, and reasonable care from day to day to keep the outlook bright.

SLEEP is the best no-effort eye-opener ever devised. Eight or even nine hours of shuteye is needed for healthy beauty, and you can always treat your eyes with a splash of clear cold water on waking to give them sparkle and zest.

But if you believe that you have done your duty with this, you’re a dreamer. There’s much more to it than that.

For instance, these winter evenings, darkness comes early. Right? If you are busy with a dress pattern or engrossed in a book, you seldom notice when the daylight begins to fade. Or if mother makes the rounds turning on lamps, you may not bother to shift to a better-lighted chair. What’s that the lady saying? “You’ll ruin your eyes.” She’s so right.

Too much close work in bad light (the light should be behind and above the head) is just one small part of the eye story. The point is it can result in eye strain, and eye strain, in turn, can produce eyes that are not in the least pretty.

Here are some tips that have to do with the bright and healthy appearance of the eyes.

  1. See that you have a balanced diet with your full quota of all vitamins. Vitamin A (found in milk, butter, dark green and yellow vegetables, and fruit) is especially necessary.
  2. Don’t read in strong sunlight, particularly if you are facing the sun. Glare needlessly consumes nervous energy and raises scowls and lines.
  3. If you read in bed, avoid strained and twisted positions. Always have the book well below the eye level and the light fixed so that it shines on the page, not into your eyes.
  4. Don’t hold your book or work too close to the eyes or huddle over it. Reading matter should be held at least a foot from the face.
  5. Be careful about your TV habits. Don’t watch the screen for hours on end and don’t watch it at all in a room that’s too light or too dark.
  6. A boracic eye-bath works wonders for tired eyes, but keep your hands away and never give in to the temptation to rub your eyes when they are tired. Rubbing them is apt to add a feeling of itchy irritation to the fatigue. Certainly it will never rest or relax them.
  7. Your eyes normally are equipped with their own excellent eyewash-tears. But after a long day on the job, an evening’s bout with a double-feature movie, a smoky room, or a day spent in the wind and sun, your eyes may need soothing.
  8. At such times they welcome a comforting, mild eye-bath. To do a good job, the eye-bath should be one-third full and the head bent slightly forward and moved from side to side. The lotion can then wash right round the eye and refresh it. It’s a mistake to tilt the head back or to fill the bath to the brim.
  9. Pads soaked with chilled witch hazel and placed over the closed eyes are wonderfully restful.
  10. Finally, here’s a simple eye exercise you can do anytime, anywhere, that’s supposed to add a lot of sparkle: with you head held straight, look over to the lower left as far as you can. Now swing your eyes upward in an arc to the right without moving your head. Blink, repeat a dozen times, stop and blink three times and then reverse the action.


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