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Freshly baked soft bread and buns, cake that literally melts in your mouth, assorted macarons…well, wondering where to get them? Just head to the Old Pumpwell road in Kankanady, to Cochin Bakery.

It has been in existence since quite a long time and currently they have their outlets in the following locations:

1) Ceebees Tower, Old Pumpwell Road, Kankanady

2)  Paradigm Plaza, AB Shetty Circle

3) Vijayashree Arcade, opposite Paduva High School, Nanthoor

4) Infosys campus, Kottara

Cochin bakery 1
Inside Cochin Bakery, Kankanady

Cochin Bakery serves a variety of items ranging from fruit buns, cakes to Malabar biriyani. The fruit buns are soft and can be eaten without any butter or jam. One of the signature items in this bakery is the ghee cake, which is heavenly. One can buy the ghee cake in quarter or half kilogram packets and on request, they will cut it into slices.

Ghee cake
Ghee cake

Snacks like puffs, samosas and Indian sweets like laddoos, jalebis, gulab jamuns are amazing. They have a variety of mixtures, banana chips, macarons and cookies.

Variety of snacks
Variety of snacks

The Cochin Bakery in Kankanady has a floor above the bakery where they serve typical Kerala breakfast items like appam, iddiappam with chicken curry, chicken stew or kadala curry. It truly brings back memories of having breakfast at home for all those from Kerala. Kerala parotha is available and is also sold in packets. It is a favourite hangout place for church goers in Kankanady after Sunday church service. Milkshakes like Cocktail and Cashew milk shake are worth trying and it’s quite filling.

So if you happen to be in Kankanady area and you want to grab a snack, do head out to Cochin Bakery.

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