A-B-C’s of Procrastination

A = Activating Event. The activating event is whatever you are putting off, such as studying for tests or writing a paper.

B = Belief System. These are your “hidden” feelings about the task; your feelings govern your motivation. If you have negative feelings, you will tend to put off or delay. These feelings control your response.

C = Consequence.
This is what we actually do. There are two approaches: rational and irrational. A rational response is, “I don’t like writing papers at all, but I had better get going on it anyway.” An irrational approach is, “I hate writing papers, and even though it’s due next week, I’ll start it later.”

The fact is, all tasks are really neutral. Examine your belief system; understand why you dislike the task. Then change your way of thinking.

Steps to Cure Procrastination

  • Realize you are delaying something unnecessarily.
  • Discover the real reasons for your delay. List them.
  • Dispute those real reasons and overcome them. Be vigorous.
  • At least begin the task.

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